Five-reel pokies

Five-reel pokies are the most popular and common in land-based and online casinos. They took over the priority from the three-reel classic slots when computer circuits simplified the game’s creation.

Video pokies offer a variety of plots and many bonuses. As a rule, they have free spins, spins, bonus rounds. You may try some of them at AU.

Our resource has a massive collection of five-reel games from many modern providers.

Features of five-reel pokies

The number of reels often classifies slots. That is because the number of reels impacts the gameplay.

Five-reel games have more symbols than three-reel ones. Meaning, that the number of combinations increases, so instead of 15,000+ combinations (for three-reel games), you will have over 9 million combinations.

Five-reel pokies have more prize lines. That’s why it increases the likelihood of winning. Typically, pokies with 20-25 paylines are present in modern casinos. However, often there are games with 30, 40 and even 100 lines.

A separate subspecies of five-reel slots are games with 243 or 1024 ways to win. Here, a prize is given if the same symbols fall on the reels in sequence.

Providers using more symbols and lines offer more bonuses:

  • Special symbols (“wild”, scatter, bonus symbols);
  • free spins and respins;
  • Interactive bonus games, often with multiple levels.

Five-reel slot machines look bright and colourful. They often have a reasonably straightforward interface, thanks to modern technologies that allow good graphics. Themes vary from fruit and ancient Egypt to space travel, from fantasy to detectives, and so on.

The history of five-reel games

The first five-reel slot machines appeared in 1891. The New York company Sittman and Pitt released a poky with five reels that held 50 playing cards. Prizes were awarded for poker combinations. This machine became the prototype of modern video pokers.

The Sittman and Pitt poky was not very popular because of the complicated calculation of winnings. Charles Fay’s three-reel s became a huge success almost immediately precisely because of their simplicity.

Popularity to five-reel slots came in the second half of the ’70s. The first video slot was created by the Las Vegas company Fortune Coin (later absorbed by IGT). It used a 19-inch Sony TV to display the five reels.

The first video slot with a bonus game was “Reel ‘Em” by WMS Industries Inc., released in 1996. When the bonus round was triggered, a second screen would appear, and the user would give additional payouts. At this time, pokies began to bring in 70% of casino profits and take up more and more space in the lobbies.

Since the mid-90s, five-reel games have conquered the Internet. Computer technology made it possible to expand the themes, program unusual playing fields, and add even more bonuses.