Jordan Melo M12 REVIEW: A Premium Product

Super.Fly 4, XX9, M11. All of these shoes were awesome. Air Jordan has been doing alright recently, so let’s see if they did it right with these. At this Jordan Melo M12 review, we will be taking a look at its appearance, tech, performance, comfort and price levels. Without further adue,

Let’s begin.


The Melo M12’s look a bit “bigger” and more bulky than the previous shoe (M11). There’s not a lot to be said other than they’re beautiful! I mean, look at them!

Alright, this is just my opinion, but you have to agree that the solid look could pretty much fit any taste.

About 4-5 colorways are released at the moment.


Just as regular, the Melo M12 has two ZOOM AIR units for the cushioning setup. They’re fine, especially when there are other components to have their back.

Speaking about those components, there is both FlightPlate and FlightSpeed here. Now, I don’t know what is up with Jordan Brand and their mix ups between FlightPlate and FlightSpeed. One shoes have FlightPlate as a transition bridge, others have FlightSpeed to do the same thing.

And now this shoe got both. What? I’m no basketball designer / tech expert, so I can’t really comment on this. But Nike states that FlightSpeed is the bridge between the forefoot and heel, where as FlightPlate “is housed in a CMP midsole for maximum energy efficiency”.

Regardless, just know that the setup works exeptionally well, for the most part.


Let’s kick things off with cushioning. Like I already said, the setup work really really well. A lot people have been comparing these with the Jordan XX9’s and 4’s. That already means that the cushioning is good. It is responsive, FlightPlate really makes the step transition smooth as silk and also splits the energy for the two ZOOM AIR units. In result, you get a kick-ass setup that simply works. Period.

Traction is equally as impressive. As long as you stay indoors, you will have no issues. Wiping will be required since the outsole’s pattern is really smooth and small. You can clearly tell this shoe was made for legit, NBA quality courts. Don’t take these outdoors – the pattern will get obliterated quickly.

Support is plenty thanks to the great fit, wide heel and forefoot sole sections, and that flexible heel counter. Also, the ankle collar wraps around your foot PERFECTLY like a tight sock, leaving no room for ankle sprains. Lockdown is nice because the web lacing system does its job well. There were no sliping or lockdown problems.

There are some issues though. The upper is really loose and because of that the shoe kind of fails to contain your foot on harsh movements. I’m only talking about the most demanding cuts, turn-arounds, crossovers etc. Other than that, support is viable and stability is there.

The upper material is pure mesh. Soft upper fans, this is your shoe. It is NOT durable and it will wear down quite quickly. But instead, you get a really light shoe, comfort, breathability, flexibilty and ease of use.

Comfort is awesome just like most Air Jordans. That mesh on the top is super pleasant. You get no irritation, pain or any restrictions whatsoever. Some parts of the inside are padded with soft cloth, so blend-in is top notch.

Jordan Melo M12 Review: FINAL VERDICT

The Jordan Melo M12 is a great choice for any position. Whether you’re a guard or a power forward (like Carmelo Anthony is), this is a versatile choice.

The shoe has awesome traction, a good cushioning setup, a super comfortable mesh upper and some fresh style to its sleeve.

It has containment issues though. Performing harsh movements could result in your feet moving out of the shoe’s footbed.

Overall, I really think it didn’t disappoint for what it had to offer. Jordan Brand, you kind of did it again.


  • Perfect indoor traction

  • Premium cushioning setup

  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable mesh upper


  • Can’t contain harsh movements properly

  • Mesh upper will not last long

  • Not suitable for outdoors at all

So, Jordan Melo M12 review is down.  Thanks for reading this review! I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.