Nike HyperLive REVIEW: A Brand New Shoe for Action

Chances are you’re interested in how the shoe performs. That’s what you’re gonna find out in this detailed Nike HyperLive review.

As always, I’ll take a look at the shoe’s tech specs, performance comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth the price. Nike HyperLive review is rolling now!


Shoes: Nike HyperLive

Weight: 345 g. / 12.17 oz

Type: Low Top Sneaker

Technologies: Breathe Tech, Nike FLYWIRE, HyperFuse

Fit: True To Size

Available Colors: 5+

My Rating: 8.5/10


So we got some good tech for the money here. I’m actually pretty surprised since this is supposed to be a budget model.

FLYWIRE is the cable system under the shoe’s upper, which is connected with the laces for lockdown. Works well, just like most Nike’s FLYWIRE shoes. It’s also pretty effective because the upper is sturdy enough to hold that cable pressure.

Then there’s Breathe Tech which is basically the upper construction. High quality mesh that’s light and breathable. Also, very flexible. I think this is the best type of mesh you can get, at least in my opinion.

Lastly, HyperFuse is a material on top of mesh in some high-wear areas for durability.



So they’re true to size and fit pretty damn tight. A very snug and supportive fit. If you like your shoes to be a bit loose and want that extra freedom for your foot, you might want to go half a size up. But generally, I would go true to size.

Definitely not a good option for wide footers because of the tight/sturdy material. As for general comfort, very good indeed. That super light & breathable upper grants a very enjoyable experience on the court.


Cushioning is I think where the shoe could be better. But again, it’s made for a specific type of player – a low-profile guard who needs a lot of court feel and doesn’t need bounce. That’s excatly how the shoes feel. The drop-in Phylon midsole is firm, so great court feel, responsiveness, but not a lot of impact protection or bounce.

The cushion setup is very similar to the Hyperchase or the Mentality II.


Traction is probably the strongest aspect of the HyperLive. The oustole pattern is made out of multi-directional rubber knobs that are very sturdy. So these are good for outdoors and you also won’t need to wipe often because the pattern is not too dense. Traction is overall very sticky, guards will definitely enjoy these.


Support is great overall, definitely no complaints. It’s a low top, so you won’t get any ankle lock-in. But the support itself is great. Very strong and supportive upper, internal heel counter, a pretty wide sole base and a snug fit makes the support awesome all-around. Containment is fine, no slippage or stability issues.


Lastly, materials of the upper are mainly that awesome Breathe Tech mesh and HyperFuse is some spots for extra durability. A very well-balanced setup I think, it even fits outdoor players nicely. Very lightweight upper and also a durable one, so a win-win here.

Even a smaller forward could rock these on court I think.


An awesome bang for your buck, no questions asked. No major issues or complaints, good all-around performer with some decent tech. And everything at $100.

A tight one-to-one fit, awesome traction that works outdoors, responsive cushion setup for guards, good support and durable materials. Can’t really go wrong with anything here.

Light, quick and low-profile guards that don’t drive to the basket like crazy or dunk like crazy will like these best.


+ Awesome traction that’s outdoor-friendly
+ Very good support for every type of guard
+ Light, flexible and durable


The tight fit could be a bit uncomfortable for some people
Cushion setup isn’t for someone who needs bounce/impact protection

Alright, the review is done! I really hope I helped you make up your mind here. Not everyone is brave enough to buy a new shoe that doesn’t have a lot of opinions yet.