Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 REVIEW: Another Shiny Gem

In this Nike HyperRev 2016 review, as usual, we will be taking a look at the shoe’s tech, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth buying.

The HyperRev’s are always these “underdog” models that a lot of people don’t know about. They are budget friendly, and the 2015’s shoe was a great performer. It is exciting to find out how the 2016 version lives up.


Shoes: Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016

Weight: 368 g. / 12.98 oz

Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, HyperFuse

Fit: True to Size

Available Colors: 6+

My Rating: 9.5/10


Two ZOOM AIR units are in the heel and forefoot areas. They are not small in size and perform amazingly.

HyperFuse is the additional sturdy layer that goes on top of the upper in some spots. It basically increases the shoe’s durability and protects it from deforming or tearing.

Not too rich on tech, but it is enough to make it great, trust me on that one.



The fit is tight and supportive to begin with. Inside of the shoe is nicely padded, so it won’t feel annoying.

One thing worth mentioning, the ankle collar barely stretches. While that’s good for support, putting them on is FEROCIOUS. This happened to the Soldier 9’s as well. No matter how much you loosen them up before putting on, it’s the ankle that’s hard to deal with.

However they are comfortable and have no issues in terms of comfort AFTER you put them on.


This is easily the highlight of the shoe. Even a lot of premium/signature shoes should learn from the HyperRev 2016. The two ZOOM AIR units are simply beasts. You get responsiveness, a bit of court feel ALONG with a super soft and springy feel paired with impact protection. That right there, is damn near perfect.

This could fit lots of different players. Guards, forwards, you name it. That’s the beauty of well-balanced cushioning.


Traction almost at the same level as cushioning. The best thing about the HyperRev 2016’s traction is that it handles pretty much everything well. On top of that, wiping won’t be a problem, just like most Nikey’s shoes.

Not sure about outdoors though, the pattern doesn’t look too weak, in my opinion.


So for support, we got an interesting case here. If you could compare it to another shoe in terms of support, it would be the LeBron Soldier IX. That’s awesome, right? Well, mostly.

The upper itself is REALLY loose and flexible. But the internal and external heel counters, flat and wide outsole base and the strap that wraps around fully makes up for it.

The upper of the shoe is built for guards. And guards need zero restrictions when they’re moving. That’s excatly what the HyperRev 2016 accomplishes here. It allows 100% free movements while offering stability and also protecting from things such as ankle rolls. This is awesome and it is one of my favorite support setups this year.


The upper is mesh with some Fuse for durability. The ankle collar is made out of neoprene. For materials, this is a good old trusty setup. It’s pretty flexible and also durable thanks to Fuse. You get excellent breathability thanks to mesh.


The Nike HyperRev 2016 is a shoe that’s worth the money. Simple as that.

You have two awesome ZOOM AIR units, versatile traction, support that’s perfect for guards and a nice material setup.

While it can be nerve-wracking to put them on, I don’t really see more flaws here.

If you’re looking for a BASKETBALL SHOE and not a shoe for casual walking, then go for these ones. They are sure as hell not pretty, but they perform well, and that’s what’s important, at least to me.


+ Awesome two ZOOM AIR cushion units
+ Great traction with minimal need for wiping
+ Good support with no restrictions


Difficult to put on

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you found it useful. I highly recommended this shoe for sure.