Should You Play Basketball Every Single Day?

Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a game with rich history and players like Michael Jordan inspiring the younger generation to join the game. In the United States, basketball is both played on-court and off-court. 

However, like any other sport, basketball has its share of pros and cons if you play daily. You might not feel them while you are young but once you start playing professionally, you have to balance all that comes with it. So let’s discuss what you should expect while playing basketball everyday. 

Pros of Playing Basketball Daily

Fast Skill Improvement

The first benefit of playing basketball is fast skill improvement. Some of the most important skills include dribbling and shooting. Professional players know that these skills cannot be improved if they are not training daily. 

While you are practicing dribbling and shooting individually, you should engage in league games as well so that you are able to use the same skills professionally. The reason is that some players are good at scoring points and dribbling during practice sessions, however, when it comes to playing professionally, they give up after 10 minutes. 

The key to being one of the best basketball players lies in being consistent. Although skill improvement is amongst the most important benefits of basketball game but you have to be consistent.

Basketball is Fun

One of the amazing benefits of basketball is that it is simply fun. You get to make friends and play with your relatives or colleagues anytime anywhere. Once you start playing basketball, hours will go by without you even noticing. However, you will get a good workout out of it. 

If you play basketball for fun, only then it is going to be exciting. Otherwise, you will quickly become bored of it. The best thing about it is that you can simply ask a friend or colleague to play with you while inviting a couple more individuals to make it interesting.

Lost Weight

There are not a lot of games out there that help you lose weight at the same rate as basketball does. Take swimming for example. It is one of the best cardio exercises for fitness and losing weight. The reason is that it utilizes all your muscles. As a result, more calories are burned.

Similarly, basketball also makes use of almost all your body muscles from legs to arms, elbows and chest, etc. however, you need to look after your diet as well. Playing basketball for hours during the day is not going to make any difference if you are munching on fast food everyday. 

It is said the basketball makes you lose anything between 400 to 800 calories in an hour easily. Therefore, if you wish to lose 10lbs, you can do that in 4 to 6 weeks.

Meeting New Friends

Basketball has brought many people close to each other. It is a social game that keeps on getting interesting with the addition of more and more players. If you are going low on teammates, you can simply invite a few and get down to business. Once the game ends, chat with them and introduce your team. 

At the same time, you should develop a network and find gyms where the most players train. If you are getting bored playing games, you can hit the gym and meet with the same people. In the gym, you will come across professional players that will be a great addition to your network. 

It is simply an open-door policy for everyone. The beginners get to learn from the professionals, while the professionals offer motivation and inspiration in return. 

Relieves Stress

When it comes to the emotional benefits of basketball, stress relieving is perhaps the most important. There was a time when younger generations used to be stress-free. However, today, the situation has changed for the worst, unfortunately. 

Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject and found that the upcoming generations will carry even more stress. The primary reasons include high expectations, growing competition, and complex. Instead of swallowing pills and opting for therapies, playing basketball will help improve your mental health by leaps and bounds. 

You might be stressed out on something personally but as soon as you enter the court and start winning games, your confidence level goes up. You are going to forget all your troubles for a few hours, which can be refreshing. Instead of turning on your Xbox or Playstation while worrying about your problems, step out with your friends and throw some shots into the basket. 

Staying Out of Trouble

Believe it or not but Basketball has been a lifesaver for many out there. In countries like the United States, kids are forced to play basketball and other sports so that they keep themselves out of trouble. This goes true especially for those who otherwise engage in drugs buying and selling. 

Basketball helps develop mental, social, leadership, and teamwork skills, etc. These skills are then used in professional life too. This way, a teenager builds up confidence and knows that he/she can do better than the rest.

Cons of Playing Basketball


If you are playing basketball on a daily basis, the fatigue is going to get to you both mentally and physically. Mentally, you might be able to focus on your game but without realizing that you are not making any progress. At a point in time, you will start shooting incorrectly and throwing the ball over the net. This is a tell-tale sign of your mental state needing some rest.

Physically, your body might feel fatigued and lazy. You might also not feel fresh while playing. You can tell if you are not able to jump as high as usual. Finally, your feet might hurt as well while walking off the court. 


Injuries are the most dreadful part of playing basketball. The last thing a player would want is to experience an injury that keeps him/her out of the game for months if not weeks. The more frequently you play the game, the more the chances of injuring yourself. 

Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lebron James spent almost all their careers without a major injury. This does not mean that they were genetically gifted but looked after their bodies and diets. Although you cannot stop the injuries from getting to you but you can prevent them. 

Make it mandatory to stress before playing every game. Hit the gym to build some strength and muscles. Avoid junk food and opt for healthy food items. Finally, take ample amount of rest. 


As mentioned earlier, time flies when you are playing basketball. When you are young, you can afford to play the entire day. However, as you grow older and start having responsibilities and priorities over your shoulder, you cannot devote much time to the sport. 

Unless you have a gym or training ground nearby, then you might be able to put in a few hours daily. However, if you have to take a drive and go out of the way to play a few sets, it might not be that easy. 

Final Word

Playing basketball daily should not be a problem if you learn to balance things. Your body is limited when it comes to the amount of stress it can bear. Therefore, while you are putting yourself to the test each day, make sure that you consider rest and factors that might bring harm. Finally, try to balance your social life with professional and do not work yourself up unless you plan to follow basketball as a profession.