The Best Basketball Shoes for KIDS: Performance & Comfort Optimized

Today we’re talking about something different. The best basketball shoes for kids. Truth is, their shoe selection isn’t nearly as big as men’s, that’s why carefully picked the most comfortable, proven and performance-friendly sneakers. You’ll find six pairs which are all optimized for comfort, proper support and performance.

Here are the best basketball shoes for kids!

#1 Recommendation: NIKE LEBRON SOLDIER IX.

Quite a damn shoe. This is probably the best choice for a kid because because it has great all-around performance and, most importantly, superb support with comfort.

Soft and responsive ZOOM AIR cushioning, a very stable base, good ventilation and very comfortable. The fit is extremely snug and supportive, which is important for a kid. The upper is made of mesh and Fuse, so they’re durable.

Their highlight is support. Oh my god, I’ve never seen a shoe that has as much support as this one. Full 360 degree coverage thanks to the straps, heel counter, foot shank and a great fit.


Another very well-balanced shoe that will fit most kids’ needs.

Definitely the best cushioning I’ve ever experienced (the men’s version is the same). BOOST is incredibly responsive, has lots of impact protection and it’s also stable. Support is also great with tech like StableFrame and they have a comfortable one-to-one fit.

The upper comes in three different variants: Primeknit, mesh and leather. It’s very similar to men’s so, go ahead and check THIS out for explanations.


Yet another shoe that performs very well in all aspects, making it a great choice for most play styles.

They have a good balance between softness and court feel, thanks to Charged cushioning. Very stable and doesn’t restrict movements. Support is excellent, one of the best around actually. There’s a heel counter, tight fit, midfoot shank and a pretty supportive upper.

The upper is mesh with Fuse, as well as Under Armour’s Clutcfit. It’s an extremely comfortable material that has lots of ventilation, it’s very light and also has some support.


This is my personal favorite shoe right know (men’s version). There’s a reason for that. Has plenty of tech, great performance and they’re very comfortable. A great shoe for a guard.

Cushioning is adidas’s BOUNCE which is almost as good as BOOST on the D Rose 6. That says something. Very strong support thanks to StableFrame and TORSION SYSTEM. I suggest going down half a size for these, because they fit a bit long.

The upper, just like the Rose 6, comes in many variations. Check THIS out for explanations.


I picked this one because it literally has the softest cushioning ever and it’s one of the most comfy shoes to play in as well.

Cushioning is MicroG, which is, like I said, SUPER bouncy, soft and just a joy to play in. Fans of firm and responsive cushion should look for something else. Traction is fine and they’re extremely comfortable. The upper is made of sturdy synthetics, so it’s a personal preference.

A bit of a downside is support. Quick guards who need complete movement freedom absolutely love these, but kids who need good support or locdown should stay away from these. Simple as that.


Last on the list is a good option for guards who need light shoes and an amazing fit.

The Curry Two has Charged cushioning, which is a lot firmer than on the MicroG Torch, but it’s way more responsive. So quick, low-profile guards will like these. Traction is great, they’re extremely comfortable thanks to a one-to-one fit and a good material setup.

Support is made for guards who need lots mobility, no restrictions. Just like on the MicroG torch, people who need lots of support will not like these.


One of the good qualities of this shoe is the pull-on tab, which makes taking it off and putting it back as easy as A-B-C. Not only the shoe has the one of the most stylish uppers out there. Overall, the shoe is supportive and comfortable at the same time.


The shoe has almost all the plus points for many reasons. The upper is made of lightweight yet durable Flyweight construction which sits atop the Phylon-equipped midsole for responsive cushioning.

The Flyweight upper provides support to the feet during crucial moments on the hard court. It also has one of the best tractions, allowing the wearer to respond well to sudden starts and stops on the floor.


This shoe’s upper is made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials, bringing a great blend of durability and protection to your foot as well as flexibility to the player’s every move. The padded collar provides additional comfort. The hook-and-loop strap at the midfoot area ensures a snug, secure lockdown. The rubber outsole provides good traction.

Just a mention, if you have no idea what all those tech names mean (ZOOM AIR, StableFrame…), then I have a dedicated article for that.

So there you go! A quick list of the best performers for kids. There aren’t that many selections to be honest, but you can still find some gems. I hope you found this helpful!