The Very Best UNDER ARMOUR Basketball Shoes of the Modern Era!

Under Armour is actually starting to break in the realms of popular mainstream hoop shoes and the years 2016-2017 were examples of that. Quite a few new quality releases, also quite a few quality budget options to choose from. So for those who are looking for an affordable sophisticated shoe from UA, here are my picks for the best Under Armour basketball shoes.

As usual, six shoes that all shine in comfort, performance, proper tech specs and nice materials. Here are the best Under Armour basketball shoes!




My favorite Curry and overall UA shoe right now, these ones are really good and surprisingly outdid the latest Curry 3.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $135 | Weight: 15.5 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Curry 2.5 has full-length Charged cushioning and the upper is mesh with plasticky synthetics of some kind.

To put it simply – this is a very balanced, versatile shoe that does everything well with no gimmicks or annoying problems. Traction is phenomenal and not that sensitive to dust, Charged cushion is the same usual responsive ride with plenty of court feel but also with some degree of impact protection.

Support is amazing thanks to the changes in the materials and some other things and while the upper is not as soft & light as on the Curry Two, it’s still comfortable.




I actually prefer the Low version of the 3 over the regular Mid because of some solid tweaks to the shoe’s fit. This is an excellent low top option for those who need mobility, freedom while still maintaining a secure fit with other performance factors at their solid levels.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $120 | Weight: 13 oz | Type: Low Top

The Curry 3 Low has full-length Charged cushioning with a MicroG insole. The upper is AnaFoam with Threadborne.

One of the most comfortable shoes EVER, seriously, the mobility and lightness levels on these is amazing. That foam and knit upper combo works brilliantly providing comfort, ventilation, and proper lockdown & containment. The traction is also beastly, although stick with non-translucent rubber outsole options. Those are way less sensitive to dust.

Cushioning is that usual super responsive, low to the ground ride that provides stability, comfort and also some impact protection for lighter guards. Don’t expect crazy bounce but they are definitely not firm.



The Clutchfit Drive series is the king of versatility and the third model proves that completely. Definitely a nice well-rounded shoe that most players could wear and stop worry about picking the right shoe for the job.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $125 | Weight: 13.76 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Clutchfit Drive 3 has a double-layered Charged & MicroG midsole for cushion and the upper is the Clutchfit synthetic.

Everything on this shoe was basically solid: good & durable traction, responsive & fairly soft cushion, moderate support, and the ClutchFit upper is a very premium material that shines in ventilation, support, and durability. These are also pretty good for outdoors.



The Playoff version of the regular Curry 3 wasn’t as good as the Curry 3 Low for me but it did improve from the Mid.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $120 | Weight: 15 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Curry 3ZERO has a dual-density MicroG midsole with a Charged crash pad in the heel for the cushioning setup. The upper is basic mesh with Fuse.

The shoes feel really comfy and the selling point was the freedom & mobility aspect I felt when playing. The cushion is solid just as most UA’s models providing responsiveness and court feel. Not too soft but not too firm either. Traction is the same – definitely good but prepare to wipe.

The support area actually improved from the 3 by adding a strap for extra lockdown. I basically felt secure and comfortable at all times and that was enough for me.



One of the most anticipated shoes of 2017 by a lot of players. I wasn’t one of them, so I was surprised with these pleasantly. And for that price, it’s really a good bang for your buck.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $100 | Weight: 11.11 oz | Type: Low Top

The Charged Controller has a full-length MicroG midsole with a Charged crashpad in the heel. The upper is pure knit.

This is simply a great option for the players that are light, quick, low to the ground and seeks minimalistic footwear. The cushioning is the only thing that’s really versatile. The rest isn’t. Traction is great but really sensitive to dust. Support is minimal but does provide proper containment and lots of freedom.

The upper is that awesome knit that is reaaaally comfortable and pleasant for your foot. Obviously not the best durability but comfort sometimes comes at a cost.



One of those “underdog” shoes that not a lot know about but should. This is a very solid budget option with quality tech specs & materials for the price.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $100 | Weight: 12.98 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Torch Fade has full-length Charged cushioning and the upper is leather in the mid section, foam in the heel & forefoot areas.

A very comfortable and well-rounded choice for pretty much any guard who doesn’t have sky-high expectations. Charged cushion is the same as always – responsive, stable and low to the ground. Traction is fine but comes with UA’s standard of a bit annoying sensitivity. Support is great thanks to several features, a proper fit and a leather upper.


Okay, that’s all for today! Hope you found what you’re looking for!