Under Armour Curry 3 REVIEW: Better than the Last?

Under Armour Curry 3

Weight: 397 g. / 14 oz

Type: Mid Top

Tech: Charged, AnaFoam, Threadborne

Fit: True to Size

Available Colors: 3+

My Rating: 8/10


Curry’s shoe line does what not many others do – every shoe improves from the last one. This was the case all the way up to the 2.5. So in this Under Armour Curry 3 review, let’s see if it continues on a positive note.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the UA Curry 3 review!


Charged – the same cushioning is back and it feels almost the same as on the 2 or the 2.5. I did say almost though, and if you really tried to feel the difference, you would.

AnaFoam – guess what’s back! Something very nice that was on the Curry 1 now makes the return. AnaFoam is basically a soft, foam type of material that’s on the ankle and medial side of the shoe.

Threadborne – this is the main material of the upper. They gave it a fancy name, but it’s pretty much a dense textile upper. But it does feel really good, more on that later.



So the previous shoes really shined with the fit, this one however, has a few weird dents to its name. Firstly, these do need some break-in time for the lacing system and the heel. The laces felt a bit weird and tend to loosen after 20-30 minutes of play. That does pretty much disappear after a few days of playing, same with the heel.

Apart from that, these are definitely comfortable. This is a roomy shoe, so if you want a very tight fit, go down half a size. And wide footers should go up half a size since the shoe is long, but not that wide. 


We have Charged cushioning and an Ortholite insole. Like I said, pretty much the same as on the previous two shoes. You can feel a tad bit more softness if you really tried to.

This is a very responsive cushion setup. It’s low to the ground, super stable and doesn’t compromise speed at all. Impact protection isn’t much though. Basically, if you want a setup for a quick low profile guard, this is one of the best packages you can get.


Didn’t have any major problems with the traction. I mean I did, if you call sensitivity to dust a major problem. That’s the case for most shoes these days.

So they gripped the floor well, good stopping power, I did slip a bit from dust a couple times, but as long as you wipe, you should be fine.

A clear improvement over the last shoe is durability. The rubber compound is definitely more durable and these are fine for outdoors. Not the most durable looking traction I’ve seen, but still, definitely good for outdoors.


I actually didn’t expect stellar support from these, but they surprised me. The upper isn’t anything sturdy, but plenty of support & stability features ensure that most playstyles will experience proper support.

There’s a heel counter, carbon fiber wings on the sides, a carbon fiber shank in the midfoot area and the whole base of the shoe is pretty wide, along with that mid top ankle collar.


The upper is Threadborne at the top with AnaFoam on the heel and sides. This is a LEGIT awesome setup. Finally something new to the table and something that screams premium.

It’s super comfortable, mobile, it doesn’t stretch where it’s not supposed to, no upper break-in time needed. Something that both soft upper and hard upper fans would enjoy in my opinion.


So did the Curry 3 improve over the 2.5? Well, it’s a bit hard to say since it did in some areas and got a bit worse in some others. Traction is more durable, the upper is now AMAZING and you could call the cushion a small improvement I guess.

The fit did bring some problems such as those loosening laces and a bit of heel instability at first. Also, the traction is slightly more sensitive to dust.

So if you want a trusty Curry shoe that doesn’t bring up problems, stick with the 2.5 or the Two. However if you want to experience the new addition to the Curry line or want a Curry shoe for outdoors, try out the 3.


+ Super responsive Charged cushion
+ Great support in all areas
+ A Kick-ass upper


 The laces and heel need some time to adjust to your foot
 Traction is quite sensitive to dust
Going true to size will result in a quite roomy fit

Alright, thanks for checking out the review, I hope you found it useful!!!