What Gear Does Every Baller Need?

Basketball is just a sport for some and a passion for others. It is one of the most popular sports played around the globe. Whether you play basketball professionally or as a hobby, you will need the proper gear.

If you have a passion for basketball, you must never play underprepared because your success could depend on how well prepared you are.

Basketball Apparel

The apparel you wear when playing basketball is important. Without the proper clothing, you will not be able to perform to the best of your abilities. A good player wears the correct apparel when playing. The correct apparel will provide you with comfort and ease. It will also help you manage your body heat if you are playing in a hot environment. You should keep an extra pair of clothing in your basketball survival bag in case you ever need it.

Following is a list of essential apparel items you will need to play basketball comfortably and give your best:

1. Athletic Shorts

Loose-fitting athletic shorts are usually worn when playing basketball as they do not get in the way. But if you are playing outdoors or if the weather is too cold, you should opt for pants. Ensure that the shorts you use don’t restrict your movements.

The color of the shorts should match the color of the jersey if you are playing a league match. A distinct color will help your team and opponent team identify which side you are on during the game. It is a good idea to wear shorts that are at least long enough to reach your knee caps as they will keep your thighs warm, preventing muscle cramps.

2. Athletic Jersey

For casual basketball games, jerseys are not necessary. But in a league match, your jersey and shorts will be used to identify which team you are on during the game. You can also wear a throwback jersey to raise your morale.

3. Athletic Socks

Socks are an essential piece of clothing to wear when playing basketball. It prevents friction between your shoes and feet so that you don’t get rashes or blisters. Wear a comfortable pair of socks to ensure that you don’t get injured.

You can opt for long socks or short socks, depending on your preferences.

4. Basketball Sneakers

An essential item that all basketball players need is a good pair of sneakers. Although you can play in any shoes, good sneakers will give you an advantage during a match. They will provide you with better stability allowing you to perform better.

If you are using a good pair of sneakers, you will be less prone to slips and falls. Before buying your basketball sneakers, ensure that you get the right size for your feet.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is an integral part of a basketball player’s kit. These items will keep you safe as one can easily get hurt while playing basketball. To ensure your safety, you should wear protective gear. Given below are some essential protective gear items you should use when playing basketball.

1. Knee and Elbow Pads

While playing basketball, your knees and elbows can get injured if you fall. You might also hurt another player if you accidentally hit them with your elbow. A good player always seeks to keep himself and others safe.

Knee and elbow pads are padded coverings for your knees and your elbows. They can protect you from getting bruised or injured if you fall during a match. Moreover, they will also help minimize the risk of causing an injury to other players.

2. Mouth Guard

As the name suggests, a mouthguard protects your mouth. You can get injured playing basketball, get hit in the face by someone’s elbow, or fall as it is a high-contact sport.

A mouth guard ensures that your lips, teeth, cheek, etc., remain safe in case of an accident.

3. Compression Garments

Basketball players use compression garments, such as arm sleeves to prevent injuries to certain parts of their bodies. They are usually worn underneath shorts or on arms. As mentioned before, basketball is a high-contact sport, which means that it is easy to get hit by other players. Compression garments help protect you from suffering injuries while playing.

You may also read our article about the Benefits of Basketball Leg Sleeves to learn more about them.

4. Kinesio Tape

Basketball players use Kinesio Tape to get instant relief from pain and soreness so that they can keep on playing. It works by providing support to your joints and muscles without affecting your movements. The adhesive on the tape also helps prevent pain, fatigue, and soreness.

You should always put your health first. If you suffer a severe injury, get medical attention. Otherwise, if you keep playing with an injury, you could worsen it.

5. Safety Goggles

If you wear glasses, you should use a glass guard to protect them from getting knocked off or broken by other players. Therefore, you should protect your face from injuries by wearing protective goggles when playing basketball.

A Basketball

Well, obviously, you need a basketball to play the game. Make sure to choose a high-quality basketball so that it can last you a long time.

A Way to Hydrate Yourself

Always keep a water bottle with to keep yourself hydrated. You will have easy access to water if you keep a water bottle close by during a game. You should also keep a few empty water bottles in your basketball survival kit as a backup.


There are some other items that can help a baller protect himself so they can perform best, such as:

1. Sunscreen

If you are playing outside, then you will be spending a lot of time in the sun. This can be very damaging for your skin. In this case, you should always use sunscreen when playing outdoor basketball.

2. Basketball Bag

A basketball bag will help you carry your gear around. It is an essential part of a basketball player’s gear kit to pack their spare clothes, shoes, and even a ball.

3. First Aid Box

A first aid box is something that you should always keep close by when playing basketball. As said before, it is pretty easy to get injured when playing this sport. Therefore, you should take steps to ensure that there are first aid supplies available in case you or anyone else gets injured.

A first aid kit must be included in a basketball survival kit.

4. Towel

Once you start playing basketball, you will begin sweating as you physically exert yourself. To keep your hands and face sweat-free, you should keep a towel with you. Towels come in many shapes, sizes, and materials.

Make sure to get one that is soft and easy to keep clean. It will come in handy in keeping you sweat-free during your game.


Basketball has fans all around the globe, and people passionately play it indoors and outdoors. However, if you are unprepared and do not have proper gear, you will underperform when playing basketball.

By having all the essentials from this list, you can enjoy playing the game to the fullest.

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