adidas D Rose 773 V REVIEW: My Detailed On-Court Experience

So Rose’s brand new secondary signature has came out not long ago. It’s still only available in Europe and since I do live there, I got a chance to try them out. For anyone who’s looking for a $110/€100 basketball shoe and is not living in the U.S, here’s an adidas D Rose 773 V review.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth the price. Let’s start the adidas D Rose 773 V review!


BOUNCE – the shoe’s cushioning. Very similar feel to the previous D Rose 773 IV, and pretty much all other models with BOUNCE. I really like how it feels for being a budget cushion. Nothing too crazy and not as awesome as on the D Lillard 2.0, but still solid.



The previous D Rose 773 IV felt great, and these ones are pretty much on par, if not slightly nicer. Thanks to their softer upper, I can say that I had zero complaints regarding their fit.

And no bullsh*t like foot slippage that causes toes to hit the front of the shoe (like on the D Rose 7). I appreciate this kind of feel for a budget shoe.


Like I said, BOUNCE is definitely nice. The base feels stable, comfortable and there’s a decent balance between court feel and bounce. You can’t compare these to the pure comfort of BOOST, but this is a good cushion setup for just about any player/play style.


This shoe was made with more durability compared to the D Rose 7 in mind. It did just that – you got solid traction and a more durable rubber compound that should last outdoors for a bit.

They are a bit sensitive to dust, so be prepared to wipe. But, I did play in them outdoors and it was pretty good. This could be your backup outdoor shoe.


I loved how the 773 IV felt in terms of support. And even though I don’t love these as much, they still managed to hold my feet properly without any annoying issues. The soft upper is a bit wobbly for an aggressive player, BUT it’s nothing terrible.


The upper is a nice soft mesh with synthetic leather on high-wear areas. I like this setup more than on the 773 IV just because it’s slightly more comfortable and breathable since more mesh is being used instead of leather.

Nothing premium or crazy comfortable, but definitely not bad. It’s well-ventilated, reasonably durable and comfortable. No complaints for a $110 shoe.


The D Rose 773 V didn’t disappoint me, just like the 773 IV didn’t. This one feels different. Better in some aspects, a little weaker in others. But overall, it’s a decent shoe for anybody and for outdoor play too.

They’re comfortable, solid cushioning, good traction, decent support and a basic material setup.


+ Versatile and comfortable cushion
+ Traction is durable enough for outdoor play


 Support is a little weak for a heavy, explosive player
 Basic materials that don’t bring anything awesome to the table

Alright, that’s it for the review! I hope you found it helpful!