Air Jordan Melo M13 REVIEW: Worth Your Attention?


So after a very solid M12, Carmelo Anthony’s new signature looks really great on paper. Latest tech, a beautiful silhouette and a premium looking upper. So after playing in these, here’s my Air Jordan Melo M13 review.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Air Jordan Melo M13 review!


ZOOM AIR – We got unlocked ZOOM cushion in the forefoot. That’s awesome since the shoe has plenty of impact protection and it’s still low to the ground.

FlightSpeed – this is a bridge between the heel and forefoot areas to unlock ZOOM AIR’s full potential.

Flight Web – very similar to Nike’s Flywire. This is a layer under the shoe’s upper connected for proper lockdown & containment.



I really like the fit of the shoe overall. Nothing crazy comfortable or super god-like soft but just right. True to size, no issues like slippage or dead space, no pain, not a lot of time needed to fully break them in.

This is a comfortable shoe and a shoe that you’ll forget that you have on while playing which is awesome and how it should be.


We have a pretty premium setup with unlocked ZOOM and FlightSpeed to finish the job. I’d say this setup isn’t anything very bouncy like the Crazy Explosive or super responsive like the Kyrie 3. This is a great in-between setup that’s versatile, balanced and feels great.

Good heel impact protection, the forefoot area with ZOOM is actually really nice, it’s responsive but you can actually feel plenty of cushion under the balls of your feet. Something lots of shoes don’t offer these days.


Decent. That’s the best way to describe it. I mean it’s nothing terrible, it does get the job done gripping the floor somewhat well, stopping power is decent, I didn’t slip out that often. But overall, it’s pretty disappointing.

Very sensitive to dust because of that one angle traction pattern and a pretty shallow rubber compound. Wouldn’t take these outdoors. And even on indoor courts, prepare to wipe a lot.


I gotta say this is one the weakest shoes in the support area that I’ve played in so far. Seriously, there a simply not enough critical features implemented to make this shoe supportive and versatile enough for various players. I play really aggressively on the court, physicality is key in my game and this shoe takes that away from me.

No heel counter, no outriggers, the upper isn’t even that supportive because it doesn’t have sturdier Fuse layers to strengthen that mesh. There’s FlightSpeed which stands as a midfoot shank but that’s where it stops. They fit right but containment is really weak as well as overall support. I just didn’t feel confident playing in these.


The upper is really soft mesh with some plastic overlays in the heel area, which don’t do anything by the way. It’s a comfortable, breathable upper that really lets go of restrictions and allows for great mobility.

It’s not durable though. No reinforcements and no layers under it backing it up. So don’t take these outdoors and even then, don’t expect these to last super long, especially if you’re a more physical player.


That seems to be the problem in Melo’s shoes. They look really promising but often fall in critical performance aspects. I really expected a lot from these and got something a bit weird.

They’re comfortable and fit very well, the cushion’s definitely nice and versatile. But that’s where it stops. Traction’s just decent and sensitive, support is very disappointing and the upper is nice but very unreliable for faster, more physical players.

Stick to the previous M12 or any other Melo shoe that works for you if you’re a Melo fan. I simply don’t think this is a solid performer, it’s close with promising cushion and comfort but not quite there yet.


+ Comfortable and fits just right
+ Cushion is balanced and versatile
The upper is soft, light and breathable


 Traction is decent at best and very sensitive to the court condition
 Support & containment are simply not enough for confident play
 The upper is not durable at all

Okay, that’s it for the review! I hope you found it useful!