Air Jordan Ultra Fly: Full Performance REVIEW

Here’s a shoe that might be a great option for just about every player out there. It’s a budget Air Jordan model. And there isn’t many of those. I present my Air Jordan Ultra Fly review. I’ll cover the appearance, tech and performance aspects.

Air Jordan Ultra Fly, let’s see what you got!


The shoe doesn’t have too many tech to roll with.

Nike ZOOM AIR – the shoe’s cushion setup is a standard Phylon midsole with a bottom-loaded ZOOM AIR bag. It should feel very bouncy, right? Well it doesn’t. More on that later.

Kurim – now this I like. Kurim is a very sturdy and durable material that adds support, durability and lockdown for the upper. A great combination with mesh in this case.




I will tell straight away that the Ultra.Fly isn’t an extremely comfortable shoe. Nor it’s a shoe that’s pleasant to play in for long hours. They do fit true to size, but the fit is very narrow and tight, almost too tight. The upper is comfortable because of mesh, but the rest pretty mediocore.

That upper feels a bit bulky, which could be very bad for fast guards. You can also feel some restrictions because the upper doesn’t stretch at all.


Traction would be good except one thing – they’re wayyyyy too sensitive to dust/dirt. If you plan on playing on 24/7 courts or outdoors, this is not an option. The outsole’s pattern is pretty pliable, so they won’t last long and they pick up dust very quickly, so quickly when you need to wipe every play. They stick to the floor nicely UNTIL dust comes into play.


The cushion setup doesn’t look too good on paper, nor does it actually feel on the court. The only thing you can feel is that Phylon midsole. I mean they are responsive and there’s good court feel, but it’s not my personal preference. Every landing from an explosive jump just doesn’t feel right.

Light low-profile point guards will like these, just not heavier players or more athletic-orientated players. There isn’t enough impact protection and softness to play a full-blown game.


This the shoe’s strongest aspect. There’s simply enough support that comes from that sturdy Kurim upper, a proper fit and a heel counter. They’re not built like a tank, but they’re balanced. So good support, stability and mobility.


A very good combination of materials is used for the upper. Mesh is there for ventilation and some mobility, while Kurim gives good support a tight fit and durability.

If not for the weak traction, this would be a decent outdoors option. But for indoors, they’re fine in terms of durability.


I really wanted this shoe to be awesome, but it simply wasn’t. The overall feel was mediocore and definitely didn’t suit my play style, which is more explosiveness-orientated.

Questionable comfort, decent cushioning, traction that could have been great if not for the dust it picks up, solid support and durability.

If you’re a fan of Air Jordan sneakers or like to wear them casually pick these. However if you’re looking for a high quality pair of performance shoes that don’t break the bank, I think there are better options. For instance, just this out instead: Best Cheap Basketball Shoes.


  • Solid support

  • Very durable

  • Doesn’t break the bank


  • Traction is too sensitive

  • Cushioning is firm

  • Not that comfortable



If you want an Air Jordan shoe that is a good performer, doesn’t break the bank and plays very well outdoors, this is it.

Features ZOOM AIR cushioning, FlightSpeed, FLYWIRE and a synthetic leather upper.

Okay, that’s done! I hope you found this helpful and I hope I didn’t break your heart if you thought the shoe is good. It isn’t bad, it’s just pretty disappointing.