Best Cheap Basketball Shoes: Ultimate Bang for Your Buck (2016)

In today’s market, lots of shoes way over $100. But if you know where to look and what to look for, there are some kick-ass sneakers that barely reach a $100. So today we’ll be talking about the best cheap basketball shoes.

They don’t cost much and they perform really well, sometimes even better than some pricey models out there. Of course it all depends on what is cheap for you, but I’ll try to fit in the $100, or at the very least $110. Here are the best cheap basketball shoes!


adidas D Lillard 2.0

My Rating: 10/10 | Weight: 15 oz | Type: Mid Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

Hell yeah. This is the big one, seriously. The D Lillard 2.0 is one of the only shoes I gave a 10/10 rating. They pretty much offer the most premium tech, amazing all-around performance and a signature model for $105. It’s a steal.
So the shoe has BOUNCE cushioning, which seriously beats most adidas’s BOOST models. It’s unbelievably comfortable and responsive. Then we got StableFrame for midfoot support, TORSION SYSTEM for arch support and an external/internal heel counters. Support is kick-ass. And then the traction pattern is made of Continental Rubber (yes, the same stuff on cars’ tires), so it’s both awesome and durable for outdoor play.

There are actually quite a few variants for the shoe that have different upper materials. So check THIS explanation out before buying. But you SHOULD buy this because this is could be your only purchase for a very long time.


Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Weight: 13 oz | Type: Mid Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

Another true bang for your buck. This one’s slightly more expensive and slightly more focused for guards. But other than that, it has amazing all-around performance that beats MOST shoes over 150 bucks.

The HyperRev 2016 has unlocked ZOOM AIR units in the heel and forefoot for cushioning. True power of unlocked ZOOM, that’s all you need to know. Traction is amazing and you won’t need to wipe almost at all, which is rare for today’s shoes. The upper is mesh with Fuse reinforcements. It’s very balanced – both flexible and supportive & durable.

Support is only going to fit guards who can’t afford any restrictions. That’s because there isn’t a lot of midfoot support, so if you’re a light, quick low-profile guard, then this is perfect for mobility.

Under Armour Micro G Torch

My Rating: 8/10 | Type: Mid Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

This came to be quite a surprise, but don’t let the looks fool you. One of the most overlooked and underrated shoes EVER. Great stuff for 95 bucks.

The Micro G Torch has, well, MicroG cushioning. It’s one of the softest and most enjoyable setups I’ve ever played in. Players who like bouncy, soft and plush setups will ADORE these. But this not your #1 option for guards – they’re the most responsive. Traction is great – both indoors and outdoors, so everything you can possibly want.

Support is again not the best for anyone other than a guard. They’re very flexible and stretchy and don’t have too much torsional or lateral support. Guards who want a lot of movement freedom will love these though. And lastly, the upper is pure synthetics, so it feels like a soft plastic. It’s durable and comfortable, so it’s up to you to decide.

Nike HyperLive

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 12.2 oz | Type: Low Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

A very new model by Nikey that proved to be an awesome bang for your buck. You’re getting quite a lot for a hundred dollars.

For cushioning, we got the simplest setup you could find – a drop-in Phylon midsole. Definitely not a top notch cushion setup, but it works for someone who needs decent responsiveness and court feel. Minimal impact protection or bounce. Traction is very good overall, it’s grippy, durable and good for outdoors too. Support is once again solid with zero issues or complaints.

The upper is Nikey’s Breathe Tech mesh with some Fuse. I think it’s a great setup – mesh is very light, flexible and breathable, but Fuse protects some critical spots for durability and additional support.

Nike Kobe Mentality II

My Rating: 8/10 | Weight: 9 oz | Type: Low Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

An amazing choice for streetballers. If you’re looking for a budget outdoor shoe, this is it.

The Mentality II has a removable Lunarlon midsole for cushioning. It’s pretty firm, but you get lots of responsiveness and court feel. Don’t get these if you’re a bigger player. Traction is absolutely ferocious. That traction pattern is unkillable – outdoor play for days. It feels like this has been made FOR outdoor players. Support gets the job done for someone who’s not super explosive or heavy. The shoe is extremely light and mobile.

The upper is made out of Flyweave (woven), so it’s very light, soft and stretchy. Excellent comfort along with proper ventilation. Just not for someone who needs lots of support.

Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 2 Low

A solid choice for pretty much any kind of player. And it’s relatively cheap. I choose the low version since it’s cheaper, but if you like mids more, it’s about 20 bucks more expensive.

The Clutchfit Drive 2 Low has Charged cushioning (which is very responsive) and a MicroG outsole (which is very soft). Like I said, a good setup for pretty much everyone. Traction is solid, not the best for outdoor play. Support is awesome – external heel counter, a proper fit with a supportive upper and the ankle collar is pretty stiff. But overall, the shoe doesn’t feel restricted or bulky.

The upper is mesh, Fuse for durability and Clutchfit, which is extremely comfortable. A decent option for light outdoor play, but I would stick indoors with these.

Alright! That takes care of the cheapest and the best basketball shoes! I hope you found it helpful.