Best LOW TOP Basketball Shoes To Date!

Today we are going to take a look at the best low top basketball shoes. We are aiming for basketball performance, technologies, well-built materials and a reasonable price.

Opposite of high-tops, low cut shoes are starting to dominate the sneaker industry. Unlike high’s, there are LOTS of good performing sneakers to choose from, including the latest ones.



My Rating: 10/10 | Weight: 15 oz | Outdoor Ready: YES

This shoe is a MONSTER. No any other possible way to say it. If you’ve read my full review, you already know. This is a top tier guard’s shoe, a killer all-around package at an EXTREMELY affordable price. And it’s a signature! What more could you want?

I don’t normally praise sneakers like this. But there are not many other kicks that perform as good as the Lillard 2. Period. It’s probably hard to believe in words, but you gotta play in them to feel it.

So the D Lillard 2 has BOUNCE cushioning (a fairly new adidas’s cushioning setup), SprintFrame for midsole support, TORSION SYSTEM for arch support and Continental Rubber outsole to be efficient even outdoors.

For the upper, jacquard is used with the TECHFIT technology, which makes it a lot more durable. Damian Lillard sprints, cuts, jumps and steps back a lot, so this type of material holds out really well.

The shoe comes in various different upper variants, so check THIS out for explanations. 



This is an old one, but a trustworthy one. If you ask people about their favorite Kobe shoe, this comes up most of the time. And for a good reason. The newer Kobe models try to improve and change a lot of things. But if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

The traction on these is super great and durable, which means you can easily play in them outdoors. If you can play in them outdoors, that means you can do it indoors too. This is one of the most versatile and effective tractions a basketball shoe has ever had. EVER.

There is full-length Lunarlon cushioning, which is a removable midsole. It’s a true guard’s setup – light and responsive. Support is great too, offering no restrictions but also protecting from injuries thanks to a superior fit.


My Rating: 9.5/10 | Weight: 13 oz | Outdoor Ready: NO

You just can’t go wrong with the Jordan 29’s. Simple as that. And when the low version came out, we already knew that they are going to just as impressive, if not better. And they were.

If you have ever played in the Jordan XX9, you know what I’m talking about. Not a lot of shoes can top the feeling of a 29th Jordan, especially from a comfort standpoint.

These beasts offer a ZOOM AIR unit in the forefoot and phylon foam in the heel. Not too good you say? Well, it’s not as good on paper as it is on the court. The cushioning is responsive, light and have a really versatile feel. That means both guards and bigger players could enjoy these perfectly.

These also have FlightPlate which helps spread the energy, smoothen the step transitions between the whole outsole and finally, FlightWeb, which is really similar to Nikey’s FLYWIRE.

This whole combination simply just works. Pair that with unbeatable comfort and fit – you have one hell of a low top shoe.


My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 12.4 oz | Outdoor Ready: YES

I really wanted to put the latest HyperRev 2016’s because they are a further improved model of these. But since Nike made them mid tops, let’s talk about the HyperRev 2015. Don’t get me wrong, this is still an awesome shoe.

So the 2015 HyperRev’s shine in lockdown, containment and sheer comfort after you put them on. For cushioning, you got two ZOOM AIR units, which work well enough. Then you have FLYWIRE, which does most of the dirty work keeping your foot locked in.

The shoes are relatively loose, so support is not their strongest feature. A loose shoe doesn’t always mean that they’re bad though. Guards need to have zero restrictions while moving. That’s exactly what this shoe does while sacrificing a bit of support for mobility.


My Rating: 8/10 | Weight: 13 oz | Outdoor Ready: NO

This is extremely similar to the regular Curry Two mids. The upper material is now pure mesh and it is a low cut shoe. That’s it. Some people are saying that these are more comfortable and the sizing is more accurate. Can’t really argue with them.

Overall, this is an awesome guard’s shoe. It’s light, SUPER responsive thanks to Charged cushioning and the traction is at an elite level. SpeedForm grants an awesome feeling when you step and the overall experience is just smooth, flexible and on point.


My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 11.8 oz | Outdoor Ready: NO

The first thing that comes up when looking at them – performance. Yeah, they got that. Kevin Durant’s shoes aren’t extremely popular these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. Far from that.

Full-length ZOOM AIR cushioning is the highlight of the KD 8. It’s truly an awesome addition. Because it’s full length, you get great responsiveness, though the feel is more towards the soft side other than court feel.

Support is excellent for lows and FLYWIRE does its job perfectly. You have no slipping or sliding issues. Containment is nice and because of the shoe’s structure, there’s almost no break-in time needed.

Flyweave material is a really new addition to Nike’s tech arsenal. It is a light and soft cloth-like material that feels great on foot. Durability won’t be good, but as long as you stay indoors, they should last some time.

We finally have the brand new KD 9. I’ll tell you what – it’s back with a vengeance. Killer shoe that beats the 8 in some aspects too. Check it out!


My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 11.8 oz | Outdoor Ready: NO

This was a very promising and anticipated sneaker before its release. The Crazylight series was known for bringing something new to the table. They didn’t bring too much for the 2015 model, but they improved it to make a great, budget friendly low top shoe.

For their price, this is a true bang for your buck. You have great indoor traction, BOOST cushioning that everyone loves in the heel and good enough support.

BOOST is not that great since it’s only present in the heel area. If you could swap the midsole to a different one, the experience would feel miles different.


One of the best low-cut sneakers these recent years, the Adidas Crazylight Boost Low 2016 doesn’t look only good, but it also feels good as well. This is, no doubt, a clear indication that Adidas has put a lot of work and technology on this low-top basketball shoe.

The upper, made of Jacquard material, makes the shoe to look really premium. The Boost unit provides excellent protection from impact while remaining very much firm. The outsole is also solid and boasts a great on-court traction.


After Nike KD 8, Nike followed it up with Nike KD 9. The combination of Zoom Air and Flyknit makes this a “beast” in the low-cut basketball shoe arena. The pure Flyknit fabric on the upper makes the Nike KD 9 one of the most comfortable shoes out there. Plus, it also offers the highest level of support to the foot. It features a full-length Zoom Air unit which provides incredible protection from impact. The honeycomb traction gives a great grip on clean floors, but it is not suitable for outdoor use.


The Nike Hyperfuse Low is one of those low-cut sneakers that implements the use of the Hyperfuse technology on the upper. In simple definition, the Hyperfuse is made up a composite material that provides exceptional durability and stability but also flexibility and ventilation to the foot.

The herringbone pattern on the outsole provide a firm and reliable grip on the hard court floor and ample floor coverage.