Can You Use a Regular Iron to Wax a snowboard?

You should wax your snowboard if you want to enjoy fast and smooth riding. It improves the lifespan of your board and prevents you from getting stuck in flat regions.

You need a snowboard wax and a waxing iron to wax the snowboard. What if you don’t have a waxing iron? Can you wax a snowboard with regular iron? Yes, you can!

It is possible to wax a snowboard with a regular iron, but it won’t be quite easy. Many users use a regular clothes iron to melt the wax and apply it to the board. This process becomes easy when the temperature is right. You may damage your snowboard if the temperature is too high!

How to wax a snowboard with regular iron?

Waxing will prolong the life of your snowboard and make every ride enjoyable. It is not a dead-end if you don’t have a waxing iron. The following guide will help you wax the snowboard flawlessly!

Preparation for waxing a snowboard:

  • Pick a well-ventilated dry room to wax your snowboard. The wax won’t last too long on your snowboard if there is moisture in the room!
  • Get an old bed sheet or any other clean sheet to remove dirt from the snowboard. You can also place the snowboard over the sheet to prevent wax from dripping on the table.
  • You need two wooden blocks to position the snowboard up.
  • A plastic scraper to get rid of extra wax.
  • Get high-quality snowboard wax.
  • A non-rusty iron to melt and wax the snowboard.
  • A snowboard polishing pad.

Applying the wax to the snowboard:

Follow the below-explained steps to apply wax to your snowboard.

  • Clean the snowboard to make sure there is no dirt on the board.
  • Spread an old sheet on the table and then set two wooden blocks.
  • Place your snowboard over both wooden blocks. Make sure it does not move when you apply pressure!
  • Heat the regular iron at 120-140°F.
  • Now, press the wax next to the heated surface of the iron and drip the melted wax over your snowboard.
  • Wax drops should cover the entire surface of the snowboard for even coating the wax.
  • Now, pick the iron and move it over the snowboard to apply a thick layer of wax.

First, you have to wax one side of the snowboard and then the other side. Once you have covered the snowboard with wax, use a plastic scraper to remove excess wax. The snowboard will slide perfectly if there is even a coating of wax.

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What are the risks of using a regular iron to wax a snowboard?

A regular iron is designed to iron clothes. You can get different settings on this device to get different types of ironing results. Brands do not produce clothes irons to iron a snowboard. Therefore, you may not get the right temperature to wax a snowboard.

However, many snowboarding enthusiasts have found ways to use a regular iron for waxing the board. They heat the iron at a low temperature and then use it for waxing.

Newbies can damage the board if the temperature is too high! It will quickly melt the wax and the iron will heat the board. It can damage the board and ruin the iron.

You should never use the clothes iron on clothes after waxing the snowboard. Leftover wax will destroy your clothes! Therefore, you should use the iron only to wax the snowboard and not for ironing clothes.

Why is it important to wax the snowboard?

Top-quality snowboards are designed to last more than 10 years. These robust boards require proper maintenance to offer the best support on snowy slopes. Suppose you do not wax your snowboard, you can buy a new one every year. Frequent traction will damage the gliding surface of your snowboard. It won’t be quite useful during the next season!

You have to wax the snowboard every 3-4 days if you ride every day. It will protect your board, make the board slide perfectly, and make every ride smooth and enjoyable for you.

It is great if you got a waxing iron. Your regular iron will also do the job, but you should not use it to iron your clothes!