Do Flat Feet Hurt?

Well, having flat feet should be an issue of concern whenever you experience some discomfort as you walk or run. However, it is essential to understand the shape of your feet for you to take care of them properly.

So, what are flat feet? Precisely, it is a condition on your feet that involves flattened arches. As a result, the whole sole of your feet will touch down as you stand up. Flat feet are standard in children, but does not cause pain at this level.

Let’s address this burning question. Do flat feet hurt? The straight answer can either be ‘yes’ or a resounding ‘no’. Meanwhile, more details about this question are subject to further research. This write-up will unveil all the concerns regarding the query.

Symptoms of Flat Feet

You can know if you have flat feet by experiencing regular pain in your feet. The leading root cause of this pain is due to having strained muscles as well as damaged connecting ligaments.

Other symptoms are as follows:

  • Swelling in the inside bottom of the feet.
  • Leg and back pain.
  • Your feet tiring quickly.

Notably, as you experience the above challenges, it would be best if you visited a specialist.

Causes of Flat Feet

The condition of the bones and tissues within your feet and legs may determine if you may experience flat feet or not. Remarkably, flat feet are common in toddlers and babies since tendons take time to tighten before they create an arch.

Unfortunately, whenever tendons fail to tighten completely, undoubtedly, the outcome will be flat feet. Other causes include:

  • It can be a genetic condition that affects the family.
  • A defect that prolonged from birth.
  • Health complications, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Torn or stretched tendons.
  • Experiencing nerve problems.
  • Dislocated or broken bones.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, other conditions like obesity can increase the risk of having flat feet. The danger may extend to older individuals who are prone to injuries or falls. As if that is not all, it affects those people with diseases that temper with muscles like cerebral palsy.

Or even worse, when one has hypertension or diabetes mellitus.

Seeking a Healthcare Provider

It is possible to have flat feet and encounter no pain. On the other hand, whenever you walk and experience feet pain, then seek medical help. You can seek the services a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon who will diagnose the challenge.

Some of the tests may include scanning of tendons and bones in your feet. Furthermore, the foot X-ray will be helpful. 

How to Treat Flat Feet

Your health care provider may prescribe foot support like wearing orthotics. They are inserts that one puts inside the shoes to support the feet. The situation in children may be different, since they may need heel cups or special shoes until the feet become fully formed.

Another option is to purchase proper shoes for your flat feet condition. You can visit sites like and buy yourself appropriate shoes.

One can reduce pain in flat feet by changing the lifestyle. It involves a change in diet and following a fitness program. You will benefit by reducing the weight, which will gradually eliminate the pressure that gets exerted on your feet.

A specialist may also advise you to control your movements. It may involve avoiding to walk or standing for extended periods.

If you sustained the pain or inflammation, you might undergo medication to put the condition under control. Some specialized medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory have a role of relieving the pain and swelling.

As a last resort, one may undergo surgery in extreme cases. The whole concept is for the orthopedic surgeon to repair tendons and create an arch. Suppose you have a short Achilles tendon, the surgeon can reduce pain by lengthening it.


Finally, from the details above, it is evident that flat feet may hurt some individuals. Unfortunately, some cases of flat feet can be genetic, making it impossible to prevent hereditary complications.

Here is the secret, you can prevent further feet pain by wearing shoes that have proper support. Alternatively, visit a health practitioner for further assistance.

Make a move when you have hurting flat feet, don’t shy away. You will be grateful that you decided to restore feet comfort.