Do High Ankle Basketball Shoes Help Prevent Sprains?

Ankle sprains are among the most common injuries among basketball players, with a most reported rate of incidence of about 25,000 ankle sprains a day.

“In any sports, I think shoes are very important. These shows are designed for trying and alleviating the specificity of factors for reducing the risk of injury”, said Joseph Hamil.


Basketball gained popularity in the early 1900s, which give birth to high-ankle basketball shoe brands like “Chuck Taylor.” It became the standard for the high-ankle basketball shoes for the American troops as well as for the Olympians in 1936 during the World War II era.

Features of the “Best Shoes of Choice”

  • Provide perfect ankle support and stability
  • Right arc support
  • Reduced pressure and stress on the feet
  • Sores-free feel
  • Pain-free feel
  • Comfort for the whole long day
  • Style
  • Updated version

Advantages of Wearing High-Ankle Basketball Shoes

  • These shoes are not so rigid. Hence they might affect the action of ankle inversion.
  • Anyone who wears these shoes feels safer as compared to the low-top basketball shoes.
  • Reduces the muscle pre-activation timing and the reaction of the muscle before the ankle turning.
  • Equipped with shock absorbers for the best running and gripping experience.
  • Provides excellent traction and lateral support.

Disadvantages of Using High Ankle Basketball Shoes

The journal “Journal of Athletic training” in Oct-Dec 2002 reveals that there is no relationship between the ankle sprains and the shoe type.

Most of the ankle sprains occur when a player lands on the foot of another player. High ankle basketball shoes could not stop a sprain because the resulting forces are extremely high on the Achilles tendon. The reason behind it is that it cannot stop the foot and the ankle motion inside the shoe, specifically the lateral rolling and rotation (the cause of most common ankle sprains). There is no evident proof that the different types of basketball shoes prevent ankle injuries.

Following are some of the drawbacks of using high ankle basketball shoes:

  • Pre-activation timing is delayed, and the reduction of the amplitude of the landing muscles of the foot.
  • It may induce detrimental effects on maintaining and establishing the stability of ankle joints.

How to Avoid Sprained Ankle in the Basketball Game?

The best way to avoid spraining your ankle in the game is by wearing ankle braces and tape so that the mobilization of the ankle is restricted and it doesn’t get twisted. You can also do ankle stretches, and various exercises toimprove your ankles’ endurance and mobility and strengthen them.

Where to Buy
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Top Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

1. Nike Lebron Soldier XIII

Nike Lebron Solider XIII are supportive high ankle basketball shoes with large forefoot unit. They provide strong cushioning to the feet. Set size is nearly 1 to 1. It locks your feet in place very firmly—indeed a solid high ankle performer for basketball courts.

2. Air Jordan 35

Air Jordan 35 feature highly rated cushioning and are quite supportive for your feet. It has a very strong grip and strenuous stopping power. It’s even more responsive and comfortable with the addition of the largeZoom Air unit installed in the heel. All in all, these shoes provide lateral stability, containment, and anchoring support.

3. Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2

HOVR Havoc comfortably fit and are quite supportive as high-top basketball shoes. They providesolid responsiveness and impressive protection to your feet. Moreover, they have a great foot down locking capacity with a lot of stability and support.

4. Adidas N3XT L3V3L 2020 Basketball Shoe

These basketball shoes feature polished cushioning and provide impressive protection and responsiveness, thanks to its laceless design. High-quality materials are used in the knitting of these shoes to make them feel comfortable and soft at its base.

What we like the most about these latest shoes is that they have a sock-like construction that hugs your feet and provides you with the utmost comfort when running and dribbling on the court.

5. Nike Kyrie 6

Nike Kyrie 6 basketball shoesprovide strong traction and are equipped with the best-ever Nike Zoom Cushioning. They are different in style and feature signature traction of the Kyrie series. They have a cushion-like phylon in the heel and provide soft support and a feet lockdown mechanism for quick crossovers and movement. Overall, these basketball shoes arequite good but need some improvements to make them the greatest pair of shoes.

6. Air Jordan 34

High-end bouncing cushioning support and firm grip makes these shoes comfortable and easy to walk and run in. Premium materials are used to make these shoes. Moreover, they provide highly complex stability ankle support and containment of lateral rotation. Overall,Air Jordan 34 are a complete performer, but a little expensive.

7. Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

These are less bulky basketball shoes compared to its previous versions. They act as a pillow for your Achilles tendon. However, their lateral cutting may create a problem on the dusty courts. Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 are specially designed for the players that require outstanding balance on the basketball courts.

8. Jordan React Elevation

Signified by their name, React Elevation shoesprovide excellent cushioning to the feet while the herringbone traction helps in keeping you on your game during clutch movements. They can perform well on dusty courts, clean courts, and outdoor courts. Moreover, they provide staunch support to the forefoot. Their lace system provides strong locking to the foot.

9. Nike Lebron 17

The Sole Brothers call these shoes “God Levels,” made with white rubber, which performs well on even the dusty courts. These shoes feature the latest in Nike basketball footwear technology. With its rubber outsole traction pattern and large heel Max Air unit, Nike Lebron 17 are sure to provide you with the best game experience in the court.

10. Nike Zoom Rize

These high ankle basketball shoeshave a super bouncing cushioning capacity that all the basketball players admire. They fit tightly and work well on clean courts, but need to be cleaned regularly if you play on dirty courts. Nike Zoom Rize are little stiff in its material but provide a strong lockdown and loosens up very fast as you use it regularly.