How Long Has the Adidas D Rose Shoes Been Made?

Derrick Martell Rose has been an exceptional basketball player. He was honored as NBA Rookie of the Year. At the start of 2012, Derrick was listed among the most dynamic players in NBA history. He is the youngest player to win the trophy for the MVP award.

Derick is the 8th player in the NBA’s history who successfully launched the series of consecutive signature sneakers with the same brand. He has been named among the selected list of athletes when Adidas released the Adidas D Rose 10.

Why Did Adidas Choose Rose?

Adidas found in Rose the popularity and amazing fan following that could attract people to his looks and style. This collaboration could boost Adidas’ sales to an unbelievable level. They had a contract for about 14 years that paid Rose nearly $190 million.

Rose will have the chance of getting a bonus in additional tens of millions when the endorsed products will sell at a higher rate. This bonus is also applicable if he promotes Adidas by wearing its franchise at winning moments on behalf of the apparel company.

How Do Player Awards Affect The Payment?

In the contract, it is mentioned at certain points that Rose winning an award will make Adidas pay him more. This refers to the fact that rose’s victory is delightful for both Adidas and Rose himself.

The problem with the contract is that the NBA does not have an “All-Pro Award,” but the general NBA awards are referred to as All-Pro because this is actually a contractual term. If Rose wins any of the awards or election at the NBA while being in contract with Adidas, he will be rewarded more.

What Do the Promotional Appearances Mean?

The term promotional appearance was highlighted in the contract. This term means that Derrick Rose is bound to consider Adidas as a part of his team besides the NBA teammates and franchise that help him grow in this field.

This also means that Rose should be a part of every promotional act of Adidas, either they are TV ads or NBA events. He should promote Adidas on social media and all other technological forms of media. In short, he should encourage the stance of Adidas in every possible way.

When Did The Contract Start?

The first-ever Rose’s signature Adidas sneakers were released in October 2010. Being familiar with Rose’s fame and popularity, Adidas started a 14 years lengthy contract with him on October 11th, 2011. It was properly signed and made official on February 24th, 2012.

Derrick is still in a good place, with an average point of 20.4 in 25 minutes per game. This deal has been paying rose to date even when he has not had many good days in the field.  This is one of the history-making deals of the century.

Rose’s Responsibilities towards the Contract

Adidas pays Rose millions of dollars to accredit the signature Adidas shoes at all the events, and it is Rose’s responsibility to endorse and promote their products. He is also restricted from promoting any other brand, especially the ones that are Adidas’s competitors.

The Lengthiness of Endorsement Deal

The deal seems to be a very long time for any endorsement deal at first glance. It started in October 2011 and will end in September 2025. The deal was made when Rose was an enthusiastic and emerging 22 years old young player.

The tables have turned now, and Rose had faced serious injuries in both of his knees that stole from him his speed and swiftness even after the successful surgeries. Also, there are rumors that Rose has been planning to quit his career as a player.

The deal makes sense to the point where it mentions that Adidas would be completely eligible to break the deal at any time if Rose retires or quits the game. Definitely, the current impression of Rose does not go along with the reputation of Adidas, but at the time the contract was made, it seemed like Rose would have a promising career.

Adidas Prevents Itself from Rose’s Failures in the Game

In the contract, Adidas protects itself from maintaining the high levels of payment if Rose fails to play well for the NBA. Adidas had wisely cleared it earlier that if the player’s career in the game does not go smoothly, it will no longer be obliged to pay the player with the same amount.

Specifically, a useful point in favor of Adidas was that it had the power to reduce the financial obligations to 50% if Rose fails to achieve the “All-Pro” award for two years consecutively. However, it was observed later that Adidas did not use its provision of reduction in payments despite being eligible for it.

Rose’s Signature Shoes by Adidas

It has been many years to this contract, and during this period, Adidas has launched several signatures Derrick Rose sneakers. Here are some of the characteristic features and the details about the sneaker shoes released before the game changer AdidasD Rose6 was launched on the market. Let’s have a more in-depth look at the signature kicks.

1. adiZero Rose 1

The adiZero Rose 1 was the first-ever shoes released by Adidas with Rose’s namein October 2010.

The dominating feature of these sneakers is their support mechanism. They give outstanding support to the ankle. At that time, these features were remarkable and rarely found in any other shoes.

2. adiZero Rose 1.5

These were the renovated form of the adiZero Rose 1 sneakers. These sneakers were released in February 2011.  These were light-weighted, more supportive towards the ankles, and not less than Adidas’s original designs.

3. adiZero Rose 2

These were released in October 2011. These are some high-speed shoes designed according to the running speed of Derrick Rose himself. These are not a good choice for routine wear. They are purely the player’s shoes. They had a compact, tighter design, distinguishing them from others.

4. adiZero Rose 2.5

This shoe was released in February 2011. It had some extra padding in certain areas in comparison to the adiZero Rose 2 shoes. Despite having some extra padding, it had the same lightweight, and the padding elements were chosen quite carefully to prevent it from getting heavy on the bottom in any possible way.

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First-Ever Shoes with Rose’s Personalized Logo

The differentiating feature was that it was the first-ever signature shoes of Rose that had his own logo on the sneakers that could be clearly seen as his signature collection.

1. D Rose 3

This was released in October 2012. Adidas wins the credit to design every new product that had the taste of Rose in its making. It had remarkable texture, and the speckled midsole gave it a leading style. This shoe had a renewed logo of Rose.

2. D Rose 3.5

This was released in January 2013. These shoes were a remarkable success because they had all the features that were loved in the previous one, and they had a revised new look and comfort. The pattern of the toe of the shoe had revolutionized in this.

3. D Rose 4

This was released in October 2013. The aggression in this shoe is beyond exceptional. This shoe had some really cool features. It was Adidas’ crazy quick outsole traction system.  This shoe changed the overall outlook of the brand.

4. D Rose 4.5

This shoe was released in January 2014. Its release proved to be the second wave of derrick rose’s signature Adidas sneakers.  Even the minor details in it enabled it to look distinguished from all the other shoes. It had a beautiful and attractive outlook. These could be used in both the gyms and on the streets.

5. D Rose 5 Boost

This shoe was released in October 2014. Before the Adidas d rose 6, this was the latest model that showcased the company’s creativity.  The term boost represents that this shoe had some specialized cushioning system being introduced in Rose’s signature shoes.  This shoe was recommended as a “must-have” one by rose himself.

6. Adidas D Rose 6 Boost

Made with 100% textile material and having a synthetic sole, Adidas D Rose 6 features Boost technology that provides superior energy return. This sixth signature sneaker for Derrick Rose debuted in 2015. The best things that everyone, especially the basketball players, likes about this shoe are its independent Boost cartridges in the forefoot and heel.


To conclude the entire discussion, it would not be wrong to say that Adidas had chosen Derrick Rose for this long contract at his high time and is dealing professionally with the current situations. Adidas’ quality and the sportsman touch of Rose have made this series of sneakers an exceptional and remarkable collection to own.