How to Select Right Wide Feet Shoes For Basketball

Every man’s and woman’s feet are different in size and shape. According to reports, about 80% of people’s left foot is a bit bigger than the right foot. Wide feet are also quite normal. Some people have congenitally wide feet due to genetic factors, while others have age, weight gain, foot deformities, Improper footwear, pregnancy, swelling, or other causes.And,  it is quite difficult to get proper footwear that has wide feet.

If you are a basketball player, your shoes must be fit tight on foot but not be painful. So that they can assist and support your ankle during jumping and running.

If you have wide feet, you might buy a bit larger size for cozy. If you are a basketball player and searching right shoes for wide feet, here are some factors you must look at:

Tips on Selecting Right Wide Feet Shoes For Basketball

If you have wide feet but you are not sure, you must measure them. You can measure your feet at home or shoe stores.

Shoe Material:

Basketball is one of the hardworking games ever. It needs a lot of running and jumping to play it properly and professionally. And, that’s why he must need a pair of quality shoe to support the jumping and running. Moreover, A good basketball player should know about his shoe and it’s material – what component is used on your shoes. The harder the material is, the less likely it adjusts to your feet. Mesh and knit as components are generally more comfortable and stretchable than synthetic leather.

Shoe Cushion:

The cushioning on the shoes is important, if you are an aggressive player. The shoes of the basketball player have to be selected considering the position of a player. Wide footer aggressive or power style player might choose well-cushioned shoes that give fixity, ease, and equality to their feet. It also avoids slippage and reduces any kind of weariness on the feet.

Shoe Outsole:

A main and necessary factor of basketball shoe is the outsole and a player with wider dimension feet should know this well. The outsole should not be too light or not be too heavy for them. The traction pattern of the outsole also play a vital role. The aggressive traction pattern indoors works well. To prevent slipping on the floor various traction pattern is a must.

Shoe Price:

Nowadays, we live in a tough economic times. All kinds of products are available in the market from high to low. And, wider feet basketball player’s shoe are normally high priced. But, you have to buy comfortable and quality shoes keeping in view the budget. Some well-known brands in the world make particular shoes for wide-footed basketball players that are of very good quality.

Branded products should be used to get good performance. The use of low-quality products in the market can lead to various problems including injuries.

Final Words:

Players with wide feet have to buy keeping in mind the size, quality, price, and comfort of the shoes. You should avoid tight and narrow footwear that can cause pain. Make sure that, your toes feel good, don’t feel smushed.

When trying a shoe, make sure that about a 1/2 inch of space between the toe and the tips of the shoes. If you have wide feet then regular footwear feels tight, you must buy shoes with deeper volume. If the sides are light, never buy a longer length to fix the problem. It can cause injury. Your shoes need to be flexible, with high traction. If shoes are rigid it may harm your feet.