Jordan CP3 X REVIEW: Looks Promising!

Last year’s CP3 shoe was solid, but it lacked good cushioning. Let’s how this year’s beautiful looking shoe performs. So after extensive play and testing, here’s my in-depth Jordan CP3 X review.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Jordan CP3 X review!


ZOOM AIR – the shoe has an articulated ZOOM unit in the forefoot and then there’s a Phylon midsole. This is almost the same as on the previous CP3 shoe. So, don’t expect anything awesome or a lot better than on the CP3.IX.

Flywire – this is the cable system under the shoe’s upper that’s connected to the laces. This is meant for proper lockdown & support and it works really well here.



So right off the bat, these felt super tight. You normally wouldn’t need to break-in a woven shoe, but I guess this was an exception. These actually starting feeling a lot better after a few days of playing.

But overall, the shoe is comfortable. No slipping or stability issues, the upper is awesome. I’d say the fit is definitely on the snug side, so if you like your shoes to have a little room, go half a size down. Otherwise, go true to size and you’ll get a stable tight fit.


A forefoot ZOOM unit with a Phylon midsole – how do you think they feel? That’s right, basic. I’d say heel impact protection is a bit better than the previous shoe, but everything else feels the same.

No bounce, no softness. Just pure court feel, good responsiveness with some heel protection. This is a setup for lighter players who play low to the ground or simply don’t need much cushion.


Traction was fine, for the most part. Nothing crazy grippy, but good enough not to be bothered while playing. I wasn’t sliding or slipping and these quick-stop just fine. And I’m not playing on a clean court.

The rubber compound seems fairly hard and durable and they do grip well outdoors. This wouldn’t be my #1 outdoor pick because of the cushion, but regarding the traction, these are fine for outdoors.


I don’t even know if I should call this a low or a mid, but it doesn’t matter. Support was solid all around the shoe. There’s a TPU heel counter, Flywire cables, a supportive fit and these rubber layers throughout the shoe for additional support & durability.

Everything works well and I didn’t feel insecure or out of balance even while playing really aggressively and explosive-oriented (which I do often).


The upper is a tight woven with rubber layers on top. The setup definitely screams premium – woven looks and feels awesome, just what you’d experience on a $200 AJ.

They’re breathable, comfortable, mobile and durability doesn’t look too bad for a soft upper, props to the rubber housing.



So the Jordan CP3.X didn’t disappoint, but it didn’t bring a superb experience either. If I had to choose between the last and this shoe, I’d go with this one, but I’d still call this an above average. This is simply because our expectations rise after each shoe.

They’re comfortable, they have a basic cushion setup, solid traction, great support and a truly premium upper.

I’d recommend these to a lighter guard who plays low to the ground. I guess all guards could try these, but personally, I would want more cushion for an athletic playstyle.


+ Great traction, outdoors-ready
+ Solid all-around support & lockdown
+ A very comfortable and premium upper


 Cushioning is barely felt, just like the last shoe
 Surprisingly, you’ll need to break these in despite them being woven

Alright, the review’s done! I hope you found it useful for your upcoming purchase!