Jordan Rising High 2 REVIEW: Improved from the First?

The first Rising High was actually a good all-around performer that should last long outdoors. We got a second model not long ago, so outdoor hoopers, this might be a good budget model for you. I present you my Jordan Rising High 2 review!

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Jordan Rising High 2 review!


ZOOM AIR – we have the exact same cushion setup from the first shoe – an unlocked ZOOM AIR unit in the forefoot and a Phylon midsole. Definitely not a super basic setup. In fact – it’s pretty damn good for an underdog shoe.

FlightPlate – that’s a torsional bridge between the heel and forefoot areas. It’s made to enhance the step transition and overall smoothen the ride, thus making that unlocked ZOOM unit feel more effective.

FLYWIRE – just like on most Nike/AJ shoes, this is a cable system under the shoe’s upper that’s connected to the laces. It’s responsible for proper lockdown, containemt and overall stability of the foot.



Not a lot has changed from the first shoe, but I can say this one does feel a little better and softer. That’s mainly because of the softer mesh upper.

But just like the first, I had no complaints. No slippage, they feel stable, nothing’s irritating, my foot sat very confindetally in there. Also, the mobility of the shoe is a bit better since mesh is now a big part of the upper.


Nothing too awesome here, but it’s really not bad for the price. The forefoot feels great – responsive, low to the ground and not too firm. The heel is completely basic Phylon, so don’t expect nothing superb there.

Overall, it’s a versatile setup for most playstyles. It’s stable, responsive, low to the ground and there’s a very subtle amount of bounce in the forefoot.


The outsole is identical to the first shoe. It’s basically great and durable enough for outdoors and kinda weird indoors at first. This is something that doesn’t happen very often.

 You’ll get lots of grip and brake power outdoors. Indoors however, since the pattern is a bit too firm and stagnant for wood or rubber, you’ll need to soften the traction by playing outdoors first.


There’s plenty of support on the Rising High 2. There’s a TPU heel counter, outriggers from both sides, FLWYIRE and the upper is reasonably supportive. Not as supportive as the Rising High 1’s upper, but still very good.

Any athletic/explosive players should like these. It does feel a tad bit more loose than the first because of mesh, but that’s not a bad thing.


The upper is mesh, Fuse on high-wear areas and synthetic leather on the tooling and ankle collar. That’s pretty much the only major change from the first shoe.

I’d say it’s slightly more comfortable and mobile than the first shoe. Keep in mind that mesh isn’t a durable material, but since Fuse backs it up – you’ll be fine outdoors.


So the Air Jordan Rising High 2 didn’t do anything more significant than the first, but it’s still a good outdoor/backup shoe to have in your bag.

They’re comfortable, have solid and versatile cushion, good outdoor traction, plenty of support and a basic upper.

I would definitely recommend these for a casual outdoor player, especially for someone who’s athletic, fast and heavier since there’s a big focus on support.


+ Versatile cushion setup for everyone
+ Plenty of support for every playstyle
+ Effective & durable traction for outdoors


 Traction indoors will feel weak at first
 Basic upper that isn’t too durable

Okay, that’s it for the Jordan Rising High 2 review! I hope you found it useful and I do prefer this one over the first, even though the differences are minimal.