Learn About the Different Types of Workout Shoes for Any Exercise

Working out is arguably one of the best ways to lose weight and stay fit, but before you can work out properly, you will need to have different pieces of equipment that will help you have a safer and better workout at home or at the gym. One of the pieces of equipment that you need to have is a pair of shoes, although not all types of shoes are suitable for exercising.

There are some people that wear shoes that are specifically designed for workouts, while there are others that use shoes made for various sports to do exercise routines in the gym. What types of shoes are suitable or wearable for workouts? And are they really effective? Let us find out as we take a close look at the different types of workout shoes for any exercise.

Running Shoes

One of the most well-known types of shoes used for workouts is running shoes. Running shoes are specifically designed to push you forward while running or jogging. Moreover, running shoes have great cushioning that will protect your feet against the impact on the floor, which can lead to various foot injuries.

However, the drawback to using running shoes for workouts is that they don’t really have great lateral support, as they are designed to just push your forward and not to your sides. So, if you are going to perform exercises or routines that involve lateral movement or moving side to side, running shoes may make those difficult for you. But, if you are going to run on a treadmill or run outdoors, running shoes are perfect for you to wear.

Training Shoes

If you want to do all types of exercises in the gym or at home, the best pair of shoes that you can wear is the training shoes. The training shoes, which were once called cross-trainers, are a type of shoes that are specially designed to be used in a gym, as it provides enough support and protection for all types of workout.

Unlike running shoes, training shoes provide lateral support that is needed for performing various exercise routines that don’t just involve running. However, if you do want to jog, the training shoes still have enough cushioning to protect your foot against impact. For the ultimate versatility, we highly recommend that you wear training shoes at the gym.

Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes

Another popular type of shoe worn in gyms and for workouts is basketball shoes. As the name already suggests, the basketball shoes are made for basketball, so they have proper cushioning to protect your feet against the impact they will feel whenever you jump or fall down, and they also have great support so that your feet won’t slide around on the basketball court, thus giving you better movement.

Basketball shoes can come in different heights or cuts, like high-tops and mid-tops, but the popular cut of basketball shoes that are used in gyms are the low cuts, which look like training shoes. However, since basketball shoes are made for basketball, they are not particularly suitable for some types of workouts like running and weightlifting. But, if playing basketball serves as a workout for you, then you should get a pair of basketball shoes.

Tennis Shoes

Besides basketball shoes, tennis shoes are also a sports-focused type of footwear that is frequently seen at gyms and on people that are working out indoors and outdoors. Tennis shoes are designed for vertical and horizontal movements on the tennis court. 

However, unlike basketball shoes that have plenty of cushioning, tennis shoes don’t usually rely on cushioning technology since players want to prioritize “court feel,” or the ability of their feet to feel the ground even while wearing shoes, which is said to be beneficial in producing quicker movements on the court. So, tennis shoes may really be unsuitable for workouts and other sports besides tennis. But, you would still need a pair of tennis shoes if you frequently play tennis, as any other type of shoes will not work for tennis.

Cycling Shoes

cycling shoes with spikes

Cycling shoes are made to be worn for outdoor and indoor biking, as it has an outsole with hooks that will help your feet stay on the pedal and prevent slippage. Cycling shoes are quite flexible since they don’t really have a midsole, and their upper is made from soft synthetic materials that conform to the movement of your feet.

Because they have hooks or spikes at the outsole, they should really be worn for running, and other types of exercises since the spikes can just lead to uneven movements on the floor that can cause injuries. Only wear cycling shoes if you are on an exercise bike or if you are biking outdoors.

Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes are generally designed to be used for lifting weights or powerlifting. This type of workout shoe doesn’t really have thick padding and cushioning, and while the lack of cushion can make it unsuitable for most types of workouts, it is actually beneficial for weightlifting, where you would need to be closer to the ground without adding more weight to your feet. 

The outsole of weightlifting shoes is reinforced so that your feet will stay on the ground without slipping. In addition, the heel part of the midsole is elevated, which is designed to give you a better squat position before lifting a barbell or dumbbells. The upper section of the weightlifting shoes would then have a strap that can lock your foot in place so that it won’t slip or move inside the shoes. If you are going to lift heavy weights at the gym, we highly recommend that you wear weightlifting shoes and then just change to training shoes once you are going to perform other types of exercises.

You should definitely check out the different types of shoes that you can wear at the gym or for workouts, as some of them are made for specific purposes, and a few are made for versatility. Pick which type of workout shoe is more suitable for your routines so that you will have a more comfortable and safer experience working out.