Outdoor Basketball and importance of shoes

There is no doubt that the indoor basketball is almost always better than playing outside. But I think playing outdoors there is still something to do every complete basketball player. Basketball comes from outside, and some of the most famous basketball balls played outside (see: Rucker Park).

There is only something special about hooping on concrete which seems to give back the history of basketball. Here, I will reason why the outdoor basketball is very important and why ballplayers everywhere should not limit themselves to only the indoor hoop session.

It is Free

The direct reason here is free. Hoop in every outdoor basketball court and as long as you have your equipment (basketball is made for concrete trial, basketball shoes, etc.), you are ready to play. There are no gym or such membership fees. It’s just you and court. I declare clearly here but playing outside is very convenient for ordinary people.

A sense of togetherness

I refused to break the heart in this article, but there was something special as part of the local community of the same-minded hoopers. Again, I’m always used to going to Rec Park near my house to play and sometimes picked up for a game.

I used to see many of the same people and then some of the newer now and then. Meeting new friends is one of the better benefits of road basketball because you will almost certainly see it again. I have fun winning together with the people I meet, as well as garbage talks some customers remain in good pleasure.


If I haven’t mentioned comfort, this is it again. Playing outside doesn’t even mean a recreational park. You can have an outer circle right in front of your house or in your backyard. No one knows how comfortable it has the ability to shoot every time you feel like that. I have a decent court set in my backyard, and has video games that are almost completely replaced as my hobby.

Importance of Outdoor basketball shoes

Playing outdoor basketball very often means playing in an old court who is slippery and nursing is covered in dust, debris, gravel, and dirt. It’s far from playing on a pure wooden indoor basketball court with a smooth surface and a good handle.

Outdoor basketball shoes are good for outdoor durable and have single materials, traction, bearings, ventilation, and durability. To play outdoors, you need a pair of difficult shoes and can prevent you from slipping in court and slid your ankle.

Basketball position and shoe type

Before we enter the details of the requirements of outdoor basketball shoes, I want to talk short about how your style and play position will affect your basketball shoe choices:

Point Guards

Point Guards depend on speed, agility, and explosion. You want shoes that don’t constrain and light. Low-tops according to this requirement. The price you pay is the lack of ankle support.


wings need to be fast and nimble like a point guard, which calls on lightweight shoes and does not constrain. But sometimes they must also be able to suspend it down, which requires shoes that are stronger and heavier with more support and stability. Mid-TOPS offers a happy compromise among these two contrast requirements.

Low post players

Low post players spend their time fighting and banging low. They need protection, stability, and support for their physical style style. High-tops offer the best protection and support for them. The disadvantage is the peaks tend to be much heavier.

Basketball shoes can be quickly if you regularly do your agility training outdoors. It is recommended to get a pair of cross training shoes for footwork training and agility.