Specialization in High Performance in Sports as a tool to improve competitiveness

The work on physical abilities, together with technological advances and nutrition, marks the differentiation between elite athletes

Sport has evolved thanks to a competitive mentality and an approach based on professionalism, especially at the highest levels. A change that has led athletes to raise their level, the show they offer to spectators and the reputation of the organizations to which they belong. In this sense, more physical trainers are opting to increase their skills with higher degrees such as the Professional Master’s Degree High Performance in Sports from TECH.

In this sense, the use of technology such as tracking devices, high-speed cameras or data analysis systems have turned basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey into ultra-professional sports. Informed decision making and game strategy are analyzed down to the millimeter. Similarly, much greater attention is paid to proper nutrition, rest, recovery and injury prevention.

In addition to physical health, mental health is key. Great basketball legends such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, and Diana Taurasi have worked with psychologists to manage pressure, develop their sports mentality and face the challenges of competition at the national and international levels.

Innovative approaches with greater specialization

In this way, a work philosophy oriented to the integral preparation of players is being consolidated. Thus, teams integrate mental training techniques, such as visualization, mindfulness, and stress management, to help athletes reach their maximum potential and keep a constant performance.

High productivity requires an elevated level of specialization on the part of the entire staff. Thus, education in this area allows the integration of advanced training strategies, better planning of the season, or specific physical preparation according to each position in the field. These competencies are combined with leadership skills, effective communication, team management, and problem-solving.

All this makes up a new perspective that includes experts who, beyond the field of play, delve into new scientific research, the incorporation of the latest technological advances or technical-tactical analysis through the most sophisticated software.

TECH High Performance Master’s Degree

The constant evolution of sport is not indifferent to academic institutions, which are the knowledge base of many professionals. In this context, TECH technological university has developed a high-level academic proposal that provides high quality multimedia content and syllabus developed by experts with experience in the sector at the highest level.

A degree that has launched a triple with its 100% online teaching method and that plays perfectly with the combination of theory, based on the latest scientific evidence, with practice through case studies. Composing an innovative approach, according to the current digital times.

A program that adapts to the needs of the physical trainer or coach who wishes to combine their daily responsibilities with quality learning. There are no classes with pre-set schedules and greater self-management of study time.

TECH Technological University

TECH is the world’s largest digital university according to Forbes, in addition to being the official university of the NBA (National Basketball Association). A fact that, together with its extensive catalog of programs, makes it today one of the most desirable online academic institutions for many professionals in the world linked to the world of sports.

This Spanish-owned multinational has also been recognized in other areas. It has recently become Google Partner Premier 2023, which shows its interest in technological innovation. In addition, the satisfaction achieved by its students has made it the best rated in the world according to the Trustpilot platform.

Thus, each year it receives more than 100,000 new students and 500,000 graduates from more than 150 countries. Once they have completed their teaching programs, the percentage of employability is high at 99% according to KPMG. These are all figures that praise TECH’s work.