The Best CURRY Shoes: Best of Steph Curry’s Performers

The Curry shoe line had its ups and downs but the truth is, there are plenty of awesome performers out of his still relatively short sneaker line. So today I’ll be picking out my personal choices of the best Curry shoes to date.

Six shoes that all shine in comfort, performance, proper tech specs, good quality materials and a reasonable price. Here are the best Curry shoes!



Curry 2.5: Side


The 2.5 is probably the least popular out of all six of these but it’s my personal favorite. I praise it for its versatility and balance to cater towards most guards and even some forwards.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $135 | Weight: 15.5 oz | Type:  Mid Top

The UA Curry 2.5 has a full-length Charged midsole for cushioning and the upper is mesh with a synthetic overlay.

Charged Cushion is still the same responsive, pretty firm and very speed & court feel focused setup. Traction is just as good as on the famous Curry Two and with many similarities to the previous shoe, the 2.5 comes with support and durability improvements. So all in all, it’s a super versatile shoe that gets the job done well in all aspects.



Curry 3 Low: Side


I’m not a huge fan of lows but I give respect to shoes that really nail it and the 3 Low did just that. It’s a very low to ground, responsive, comfortable, stable and quick ride. And all of that in a low top fashion which is also done really well, so you don’t feel insecure while playing.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $120 | Weight: 13 oz | Type: Low Top

The Curry 3 Low has Charged cushioning and a MicroG insole for some extra step comfort, while the upper is a very sleek AnaFoam & Threadborne combo.

This comes as one of the most comfortable low tops I’ve ever worn, no bullsh*t. That AnaFoam & Threadborne upper combo provides you both mobility and support at a crazy comfort level. Pair that with killer traction and a versatile cushion setup, and you got yourself a superb guard’s shoe.



The most popular choice among players and I see why it’s so praised. The Curry Two still comes at one of the best performing Under Armour shoes to date.


My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $130 | Weight: 14 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Curry 2 has full-length Charged cushion and the upper is mesh with the SpeedForm synthetic.

Everything about the shoe just screams comfort, mobility, speed, lightness. For those quick, light and low profile players out there, this is the top pick. It may not be as versatile as the 2.5 but this is as good as it gets for those specific type of players. Traction is top notch too, along with moderate support to keep you secure and a very responsive Charged midsole.




The Playoff edition of the Curry 3 came with some changes, including a price drop, that made me put this shoe on the list among the best.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $120 | Weight: 15 oz | Type: Mid Top

The 3ZERO has a MicroG midsole with a Charged crash pad for the cushioning setup, while the upper is mesh with Fuse.

We still have the Curry 3’s awesome traction but the dual-density cushion setup is now better and a bit plusher. Support also improved thanks to an additional strap and they’re still really comfortable. And you get a $20 drop from the Curry 3. I’d say that’s nice.




Yeah, it has the highest rating out of the six listed here in its separate review but opinion and experience with different shoes change. It may not have the 9 rating now in my head but it’s still a great basketball shoe.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $110 | Weight: 12.7 oz | Type: Low Top

The Curry 1 Low has full-length Charged cushioning and the upper is AnaFoam with textile in some areas.

Obviously, the shoe has some age to it now but I think it still kills it in most aspects. We got the same classic traction that’s awesome and used in latest UA’s models. The cushion is the same responsive Charged and support is very effective for a low top. Thanks to comfortable and durable AnaFoam plus textile, the shoe is also very pleasant to wear.




Last on the list is the low version of the Two. Again, another one that holds up very nicely after a few years of very competitive shoe market.

My Rating: 8/10 | Price: $120 | Weight: 13 oz | Type: Low Top

Curry Two Low has a Charged midsole for cushioning and the upper is mesh with SpeedForm.

Once again, UA really knows how to make their low top sneakers comfortable and just overall beastly in terms of performance. This one has the Curry Two’s outsole, so expect awesome traction. The same thing goes for cushioning – Charged provides you with the responsiveness and plenty of court feel along with some impact protection.

What I love about these the most is the upper is almost made entirely out of SpeedForm. That’s a very light, breathable and comfortable synthetic material.


Alright, that’s it for the list! I hope you found it useful!