These Experts Tips Will Make You Bet and Win in Basketball Fantasy

In sports, basketball is standing next to baseball as the most popular sport in America. We bet everyone knows who LeBron James and Stephen Curry are, that’s why it’s not surprising that anyone will get interested in watching the NBA live and play it personally. Thanks to basketball fantasy, everyone now has that chance.

Creating a team of players from different teams is not possible in the NBA, but with NBA fantasy, you can draft the best players for your team to win the fantasy league. However, not everybody knows how to make a wise and smart bet to win a basketball fantasy.

This is where expert tips come in handy that newbie bettors can take advantage of. Not only that, even long time bettors can make use of this as a useful reference for their future fantasy leagues.

Understand the Format

In NBA fantasy, there are four ways to score that every bettor should always remember, the Roto (by category), the H2H (Head-to-Head) Points, Points, and Head-to-Head Roto. There’s a very slight difference between the four, but the scoring structure has a lot to do that affects the fantasy player value.

Few things to remember, and that is the Roto format is scored per category. If your team accumulated 300 points, 200 assists, and 100 rebounds, and the other team had 350 points, 250 assists, and 80 rebounds. It shows that the other team won two categories against you.

While with the Points format, it’s an accumulation of all values. It doesn’t matter what your points per category are. What only matters are the total accumulated points you have for a week. For points leagues, you need to accumulate the total points to be declared as the winner.

For you to better understand how basketball fantasy is being scored, you can try this out at Fanduel NBA DFS. You can create an account and give it a try. This can help you better understand NBA fantasy and learn it personally.

Do Some Homework

Even expert bettors did come a long way before they ace big wins in NBA fantasy. They highly advise every newbie bettor to do some homework, perform research, and study about basketball fantasy.  You might even want to check out basketball training videos to learn more as well.

It means that in order for you to win, you need to equip yourself with knowledge about NBA fantasy. Learning the format, understanding how the scoring is done, and where to place your bets comes with learning the format.

You can also check out how to create mock drafts, look for cheat sheets, and even consider buying a draft kit from an online fantasy sports site. All of these are necessary for you to grasp a more in-depth and better understanding of basketball fantasy.

Don’t Forget to Consider Injury Risk

When playing NBA fantasy, the tricky part is that players you draft in fantasy sports are based in real-life. The most important thing that you should always carefully look at is the status and the performance of that specific player in real-life.

The best example of this is the injuries of Stephen Curry (second metacarpal in his left hand). If you’re planning to draft him as your shooting guard, then think twice. Take a look at how long Curry will be back in the court. If it takes a long time, you need to check out another shooting guard to make up your team.

Plan According to Your League’s Format

This is where you need a better understanding of the game format. You need to be aware of the league settings to plan accordingly who to draft and make up for your team.

If your league settings are Points, you need to make sure that your players are in good condition as you need to accumulate the most points for the season. If your league settings are Head-to-Head Roto, you need to stock on players who can win in most categories.

Always Stay Updated With the News

Nothing beats a team owner in any fantasy sports if they are well-equipped with information. The latest trends, news, and updates from different media platforms such as blog sites, social media avenues, and even sports sites are significant.

You need to get the best and the most reliable information to be ahead with the other team owners or competitors. This may come with an issue as the world of the internet is filled with many data. However, determining which tips or advice are reliable have a better chance of being correct.


Playing NBA fantasy is a level-up activity for a basketball fan, but it’s quite more than that for some. It’s feeling like they are playing in the actual game. Owning a fantasy basketball team and making a significant decision for your team to win is more than entertaining. Furthermore, team owners can apply their strategy to win the league.

Aside from the money that they’re going to win, the excitement is immeasurable. However, one must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to learn NBA fantasy and win. Best to take in mind is that it won’t happen at a glance. One must be diligent if they want to succeed and win big in basketball fantasy.