Tips for Playing Outdoor Basketball

Outdoor basketball is different than indoor basketball. Outdoor basketball courts are usually made of concrete and the playing conditions are a lot different as well. For instance, you have to consider the weather conditions since you playing in an open field. Then, you need to use the right type of shoes. Although the rules remain the same but there are some factors you need to consider while playing outdoor basketball. 

Outdoor basketball shoes vs Indoor basketball shoes

Amongst the most important tips for playing outdoor basketball, selecting the right shoe is valued. There is a huge difference between outdoor and indoor basketball shoes. The grip and sole on outdoor basketball shoes differ from indoor basketball shoes.

If you were to use indoor basketball shoes for outdoor games, then do not be surprised if you need a new pair within weeks, as the shoes will wear out quickly. You need more grip while playing outdoor. Whereas, while playing indoor, your shoes need to be lightweight, comfortable rather than focused on traction. Outdoor basketball shoe soles are made of different types of rubber than indoor basketball shoes.

Furthermore, breathability might not be a huge concern in the case of indoor basketball shoes, as weather conditions do not make a difference. The outdoor basketball shoes on the other hand feature a relatively thick sole to maximize the grip and prevent possible injuries. 

Clothing and Accessories

Since you will be playing outdoors, the weather conditions can take a toll on your physical health and performance. During a hot sunny day, you need to wear something light, comfortable and breathable. With that being said, dry fits are the most preferred option nowadays. 

These kits are made from a special material that is designed to dry your sweat and leave you cool during the entire length of the game. Moreover, you need other essential accessories as well to keep your stuff secure and protected. 

For example, a basketball backpack can fit almost everything you need for your games and are water-resistant as well. These backpacks include separate compartments for storing basketball-related items properly. You do not have to purchase expensive dry fits, simply something that fights away the sweat and keeps you cool and comfortable. 


While playing outdoor basketball games, you have to factor in the weather condition too. You never know when the weather turns for the worse. It might be sunny for a while and then a thunderstorm for the next few hours. Therefore, you need to secure your possessions. 

In addition to that, if you are playing during summers, you need to be extra cautious of your water intake. There have been a lot of incidents where players have simply dropped to the ground as a result of dehydration and heatstroke. Sometimes these problems can lead to permanent physical damage. 

Therefore, bring along and drink plenty of water and take breaks. If possible, play under a shade. If you are resting and there is no shade above, you should place a wet cloth over the head to prevent UV rays from directly hitting your head. Additionally, you can also take a bath before heading out to play. 

However, do not jump straight into the shower with cold water while you are sweating and have just finished a game. This can also lead to fever and other complications. Allow your body to rest for a while and the temperature to come down. 

Finally, if you live in an area that is prone to rain and snowfall, you should avoid playing outdoor. Once the condition improves, put on a pair of shoes with a strong grip and make your mark. 


Similar to basketball shoes that vary for both indoor and outdoor games, basketballs differ too. Not all basketballs are made for indoor or outdoor games. Indoor basketball games are usually made of leather. If used on outdoor courts, they will wear out within weeks. 

Due to friction against the concrete floors, the leather balls will wear out within weeks. Plus, the feel and grip of basketball is very important. If a player is struggling with holding or gripping the ball, it should be replaced. In addition to that, basketballs do get wet while playing and therefore, you need a particular type that grips with ease and does not cost important points. 

Outdoor Basketball Court Types

When it comes to tips for playing outdoor basketball daily, the type of court needs due weight. Different types of basketball courts have varying impacts on your joints and body. You might not notice them while you are young. However, as you grow older, these turn into immense and chronic pains. 

Typically, courts are made of concrete, asphalt, and cement. All of them tend to be hard for the body. When a player frequently jumps to score and lands on the ground, the impact or shock spreads to the joints and other muscles.

To prevent any side effects, it is necessary that you opt for basketball shoes that are specifically made for outdoor games. Finally, outdoor games can cause a lot of bruises and scratches. Since basketball is all about physical contact, players should carry bandages and tapes in their backpacks. 

Practice Alone

Although basketball is, a team game but you need to develop personally as a player during the process. For that, you need to practice alone. You can do that by installing a basketball basket or net in your house and practicing for a few hours during the day. 

At the same time, focus on improving control of the ball and your foot’s movement. Practicing alone allows you to work on your flaws and shortcomings in a better way. Stand in front of the mirror and work on your shooting technique and angle. Beginners mostly ignore these minor tips and tricks but they go a long way in differentiating between the good and best. 

Final Word

Playing outdoor basketball can be made easy and safe if you were to follow the tips mentioned above. Before each game, observe the weather condition as well as the condition of the court and choose your shoes accordingly. If the game is extremely strenuous and demanding due to extreme weather conditions, wear light clothes and keep yourself hydrated.