Where to find CHEAP Basketball Shoes? The Answer is Simple!

Looking at today’s massive market of mainstream performance basketball shoes, lots and lots of them, mainly signatures, have beefy price tags. Who wants to spend $160-$200 on a shoe to play in a park? If you’re one of those people, here are tips on where to find cheap basketball shoes!

This will help you save TONS of cash and provide you with the right knowledge going further. So where to find cheap basketball shoes?

First, let’s talk about the main places to find awesome shoe deals often…


This is easily the #1 place to go look for DRAMATICALLY decreased prices on your favorite hoop shoes. Outlets are the sports stores that basically bring all the remaining/unsold products from major stores.

That’s why the prices are chopped down greatly and that’s why you can leverage from this. Some of the shoes there you can find for as little as half of their retail cost.

I’ve seen popular signatures such as the D Rose 6, D Lillard 2.0, KD 9, Kyrie 2 and many others with the price tags of $80-$100 which is awesome for those premium sneakers.

Of course, you can also find tons of other good stuff related to active wear, not only sneakers.

If you’ve never gone to an outlet store or don’t even know what to look for, just check for outlets around your area online or ask around your friends or just random people. Trust me, many of them will know where to find them.


It’s obvious that the excluded goods from the outlets will not offer as big of a variety as from a mainstream store. It’ll often be harder to find the right sizing for yourself but there’s always a possibility that you will.

Just don’t go with a mindset “I’ll surely get I’m looking for here, AND I’ll save 50%!”. There are crazy deals there but those come a bit less often, so are the more popular sizes such as 9.5, 10 or 10.5.


Yeah, this is probably basic stuff for many of you who are a bit more experienced hoopers and are already familiar with how discounted items work.

However, I am sure there a lots of people reading this who are just getting into basketball, maybe you’re purchasing your first ever basketball shoe (if you are, then check THIS GUIDE out on how to choose the right shoe for you), or maybe you just happen to not hear about outlets at all.

If you’re one of them, this is definitely golden advice and you’ll confirm that going forward.



Another way to find cheap basketball shoes would be online shopping on your favorite / most popular retailers. This is easily my preferable method of purchasing shoes (most of my reviewed sneakers are bought online) since it‘s super comfortable.

I mean seriously. Is there an easier way? It‘s fast, easy, all the latest releases show up online first (most of the time). Not only that but you can also find some kick-ass deals. There are LOTS of discounted products and even though the prices aren‘t going to be significantly chopped up, the differences are still awesome.


There are easily at least 10 major retailers that sell all the major basketball shoe releases. My favorites are Eastbay or Finish Line most of the time.

The shipping times are lightning (if you‘re in the U.S), I always find the latest model I‘m about to review and you can also read other people‘s reviews that are often actually pretty detailed and helpful.

I‘d generally recommend these retailers: Eastbay, Finish Line, Footlocker, Champs Sports, KICKZ, adidas, Nike or Under Armour.


That‘s right. Again, this might be obvious for a lot of you, but waiting a few weeks, maybe months after the release of a new shoe will result in a massive sale.

Basic example. A new LeBron model has released and its retail price online is $140. Wait a few months, come back, and I can guarantee you that it won’t cost anywhere near $140 since it‘s always going to be on discount.

Or better yet, this might be a longshot, but let‘s say a new LeBron released after a year. Is the previous one going to be discounted now? Yes, and greatly. This is your #1 strategy to purchase mainstream sneakers if you‘re on a budget.


There‘s no trick or secret when it comes to Amazon. Since there are plenty of options for the same product, go ahead and search for your preferred shoe (for example the UA Curry 3), and you‘ll see a whole bunch of different options that all cost differently.

So find the cheapest option, select your size and see how much for the final offer. Be aware though, make sure to check out ALL the available options for the shoe by selecting your size and then checking at the price tag.

The prices shown are the possible prices you‘ll find. So if it says „$150 – $220“, then after selecting your size the shoe can cost anywhere between those numbers.

Check all the options out and then see what‘s up. Don‘t get fooled.



I hope this helped some of you out! I know this is all very simple and widely known. but like I said, there are definitely folks out there who are just getting started.

After this, go check out my list of the best basketball shoes for the money! If you can find those ALREADY pretty cheap models on discount, you’ll be thanking me in your heart every day.