Why Slots Players Always Believe in Superstitions?

Superstition has existed since the dawn of time. People have been inclined to believe in supernatural forces and thus in particular actions that can change something. Even though this makes no sense and the need for these actions is not explained. Every country has its superstitions, and these beliefs persist to this day. We can see many world-famous athletes who have many superstitions and never fail to take any action they believe is necessary. That is why we introduce you to the most common gaming superstitions among game slot online players today, and we are confident that there will be many facts that will amuse you, and perhaps some of them will shock you.

Watch Big Brother

Technically, situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1 can uniquely track how much money they win in real-time by reading your player’s club card. Because of this, many slot machine players who daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya believe that using the card is bad luck because they are afraid of tipping the casino if they win too much. Of course, each throw is entirely random and has the same odds of winning as the previous one.

Pesky Operators

You’ve probably heard the phrase “No courage, no glory” while watching a war movie (or watching an NFL game).  However, many slot players believe that if an operator stops his game to inspect the inner workings of his machine, he will no longer be able to win. According to these players, slot machine operators are altering the “payout cycle.” Nothing is further from the truth (or the law, for that matter).

The newer is better

Have you ever wondered why new casinos go to such lengths to promote their openings? Alternatively, why are existing casinos doing the same with new slot machines? A brief explanation: Slot players believe that newer slot machines are more likely to make big money. Many players believe that beginner slots are to be available during their first few days. Wrong!

Don’t Sit, Get Up

Although most slot machine chairs are freestanding, some players believe that standing increases their chances of winning on specific machines. One player told me she considers the slot machine “knows” when to relax and rewards it with a missed run. What is his solution? He is constantly on the move, even if it means having sore feet.

Obtain hot or cold coins

Depending on who you ask, hot or cold coins can deceive a knocking machine. Some slot machine players (perhaps the hot-blooded ones?) Believe that heating the coins before inserting them into a slot machine increases the machine’s chances of hitting the jackpot. On the other hand, other players insist that the trick is to cool the coins with ice before dropping them into the slot.

Everything revolves around position

Some slot machine players swear that the position of a machine is related to the machine’s luck. This philosophy may contain a kernel of truth. Casinos frequently place “larger” machines near the casino’s entrance to create excitement that attracts other players. One caveat: It can be difficult to find machines in bulk because most casinos rotate the slot machines around the gambling hall.