Best Ankle SUPPORT Basketball Shoes: My Ultimate Picks

I made an updated list of the best ankle support basketball shoes! Today we’ll be looking at the shoes that provide the best overall foot support.

Players that do aggressive and quick movements absolutely require good foot and ankle support to prevent injuries as much as possible. Alright, here are the six best ankle support basketball shoes for you!


NIKE LEBRON SOLDIER IX. This is a shoe that I can’t get out of my head. CRAZY amounts of support and lockdown throughout the whole foot.

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Weight: 14.7 oz | Type: Mid-High Top

The LeBron Soldier IX has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the heel and forefoot and the FLYWIRE cable system for lockdown. The upper mesh with Fuse in high-wear areas.

The main thing about the shoe’s support is the 360-degree strap system. Holy sh*t! Those straps lock in your foot so confidently, pair that with a heel counter and FLYWIRE and you have something very awesome. I’ve never had a feeling of such support and lockdown, seriously, and it doesn’t compromise comfort or mobility that much.


ADIDAS CRAZYLIGHT BOOST 2016. Currently my favorite shoe that screams all-around performance, comfort and killer support for a low top.

My Rating: 10/10 | Weight: 13 oz | Type: Low Top

The CLB 2016 has full-length BOOST cushioning, the SPRINTPLATE technology for torsional support and a Continental Rubber outsole. The upper comes in two options: jacquard and Primeknit. I’d recommend going with jacquard if you want a bit more support.

So the shoe almost feels like it’s made for explosive and fast players. It is extremely stable, comfortable, awesome all-around performance and most importantly, they have killer support for such a light and mobile shoe.

The fit is pretty much perfect, which already makes it very supportive. Pair that with SPRINTPLATE, a heel counter and a torsional bar – and you have a super comfy shoe that’s very supportive.


This shoe never leaves my best lists. It’s an all-around beast that has one of the best upper materials ever that makes it a very supportive, yet very comfortable basketball shoe.

My Rating: 8.5/10 |  Weight: 12.7 oz | Type: Mid Top

The AJ XX9 has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the forefoot, the Flight Web cable system for lockdown and FlightPlate for smooth step transitions and a better cushioning experience. The upper is the one and only Performance Woven.

And thanks to that amazing upper, you get very strategic and confident support in every way. The material is designed to stretch where it should and support movements in specific areas. This is one of the most comfortable sneakers to wear and on top of that you get unique support. There’s also a LOW TOP version, so check that out if you’re more into lows.


My previously favorite shoe to play in because of their all-around performance. This is a true bang for your buck option that, guess what, has awesome support.

My Rating: 10/10 | Weight: 15 oz | Type: Mid Top

The D Lillard 2.0 has full-length BOUNCE cushioning, SprintFrame for midfoot support, TORSION SYSTEM for torsional support and a Continental Rubber outsole. The upper actually has many different options, check THIS guide out and find out which one suits you best.

I simply love how this shoe performs and how it has great support while providing mobility and comfort. They have a large heel counter, SprintFrame, TORSION SYSTEM and some of the upper variants are extremely supportive, yet very pleasant to wear.


I think the Elite version of the LeBron XIII really made some changes to make the shoe lighter and more comfortable while still providing killer support.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 13 oz | Type: Mid-High Top

The LeBron 13 Elite has ZOOM AIR cushioning and FLYWIRE for lockdown. The upper is Kurim with mesh underneath.

LeBron’s shoes are definitely known for their killer support, for obvious reasons. This is no exception, which also adds solid all-around performance and comfort. The Kurim upper is very sturdy and supportive, there’s a TPU heel counter, FLYWIRE and a carbon fiber lateral shank. Everything works surprisingly well and you get a supportive shoe that best fits heavier/bigger players.


This is actually a surprise for me, but they turned out to be great outdoor shoes with great support at an affordable price.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Type: Low Top

The AJ Rising High has unlocked ZOOM AIR in the forefoot, FlightSpeed for smooth step transitions and FLYWIRE for lockdown. The upper is synthetic leather, Fuse on some high-wear areas and a mesh ankle collar.

So the shoe doesn’t have awesome cushioning, but everything else is amazing for an outdoor shoe. Support is killer – great fit, a heel counter, FLYWIRE, lateral outriggers. Everything works smoothly and this is a great option for heavier, more explosive players.


There is a reason this is one of the most popular NBA player worn shoes. Even right now. Some newer Hyperdunk models tried to improve this in many ways, but I think the 2012 version still remains the elite.

The Nike Hyperdunk 2012 has FLYWIRE technology, which was actually good even at 2012. It is a layer under the visible upper for foot support and lockdown. The ankle collar is really sturdy and wraps around the foot very nicely, besides the shoes has a reasonably high collar. On top of that, the wide sole base provides stability and makes it hard to roll your ankle.

Besides support, the shoe is a good performer all around. It has Lunarlon and Phylon cushioning and a durable upper. It’s an old, but a good choice, don’t let the 2012 tag fool you.


They have a long ass name, but they also have a HUGE ASS ankle collar. In reality, a shoe doesn’t need to have a high ankle collar to be able to support your ankles. Shoes are much more advanced these days.

However, the collar and some other features work really well on the Clutchfit Highlight Drive 2’s. It has a ClutchFit upper mixed with mesh for breathability and Fuse for durability. The materials themselves are very supportive, but also stretch in the places where you can’t afford any restrictions.

There’s also an internal heel counter, so your heel area will be locked in properly.

Now this is definitely not for everyone, as the shoe has a very high collar and is reasonably heavy. This is pretty much a go-to shoe for big men.


A very very popular choice right now. And for a good reason. Stephen Curry is currently dominating his Warriors and so does his shoes. This is a true balanced guard’s package. And it has plenty of awesome support.

The upper is really soft and loose, so you might be thinking how can they be supportive. Well, that’s the beauty of Curry’s shoes. They are balanced, just how a true guard’s shoe should be. The materials are loose, but the fit itself along with a whole bunch of features make the sneaker more than supportive.

The high ankle collar is great for everyone as it’s not annoying but still provides support. Then there’s a heel counter for heel slippage prevention.

Overall, this is an awesome choice, not only for support. Read the full review if you’re interested.


Who doesn’t love the Air Jordan 29’s? With the improved low top version out, I had to include these instead of the regular mid tops. Simply because these feel just better in my opinion.

Right off the bat, I said it in the review and I will say it again, support is incredible for lows. You have FlightWeb, which is sometimes even superior to Nike’s FLYWIRE. Then there’s a TPU heel counter, as usual. And probably the best aspect is the Performance Woven upper. I don’t think any other materials has topped this one yet.

Just because of the upper, you have an awesome fit, which is sooo good. It’s supportive, but also not restrictive. That’s just plain Performance Woven awesomeness. Not a lot more to say, check out the review, you’ll be surprised.


This is a premium quality shoe. Because of that, it has to have premium quality support, which it kind of does. Despite a few issues that I mentioned in the review, support is definitely not lackluster.

Its main advantage is the super comfortable ankle collar that grabs the ankle so nicely, it feels like a sock. On top of that, it obviously grants you support simply because that collar basically sticks to you like glue and reinforces each movement.

To top things off, the shoe’s outsole has a very wide base, so stability won’t be an issue. There’s also a very unique, flexible heel counter which allows a lot of movement freedom but keeps the heel locked in.

Overall, the shoe is a solid choice for any position out there. Carmelo Anthony is a versatile player, so he needs versatile shoes.

Okay, that’s it for the best ankle support basketball shoes! I hope you found this useful to decide!