Best Basketball Shoes for 2012: Another Strong Year

I always say that you should go with the recent shoes because of better tech & innovative materials and so on. Well sometimes, some older shoes are just too good not to be remembered. I present you the six best basketball shoes for 2012. 

2012 was one of those monstrous years for releases. If you’re looking to add to your collection or just looking for a good performance hoop shoe, here they are!


NIKE HYPERDUNK 2012. That year was the peak of the Hyperdunk series. It’s known for its extreme versatility – anyone could wear these and have an amazing time.

Weight: 12.8 oz | Type: Mid Top

The shoe Lunarlon cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas, Flywire cables and the upper is mesh, Fuse & nylon.

Just as I said – overall performance is what you’ll get from this Hyperdunk. Traction – great on all conditions (go with the solid rubber version, though), they’re comfortable, super breathable, the upper does look durable, the cushion is nice and responsive and there’s plenty of support for most players out there.

It doesn’t offer anything amazing or revolutionary, but it still maintains that great all-around balance to fit every player.


NIKE ZOOM SOLDIER VI. Some say this is the best Soldier shoe yet. Well, all I can say is they provide what most players want – solid all-around performance and comfort.

Weight: 12.2 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Soldier 6 has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas and the upper is mainly Fuse with mesh.

This also has a solid all-around balance feel to it. Traction’s great (although a bit sensitive to dust), cushion’s quite firm but very responsive, support is there thanks to a sturdy fit and that ankle strap.

They’re comfortable and thanks to their construction, these can fit wide footers nicely too.


This is a tank built for a tank. But unlike the previous LeBron’s, these offer great mobility and comfort too.

Weight: 17.5 oz | Type: Mid Top

The LeBron X has ZOOM AIR and Air Max cushion in the heel and forefoot areas and Dynamic Flywire. The upper is that sturdy, but flexible, Fuse.

Their best aspect hands down – cushion. Amazingly responsive, comfortable and bouncy. This is how versatile cushioning should feel like. Support is simply killer (since it’s built for LeBron) thanks to that strong upper, Flywire, TPU heel counter… But what makes these awesome is that Fuse doesn’t feel sh*tty – it’s flexible and not annoying.

This isn’t going to be for everyone since the focus is on heavier players. But if you’re one of them – pick these up.


They didn’t bring anything new to the table but kept the previous shoe’s solid performance with a few tweaks.

Weight: 12.6 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Rose 3 has full-length EVA cushion, StableFrame, SprintWeb and the upper is dependent on the colorway.

Traction is great, although people did report some slipping here and there. Cushioning is nothing special since it’s EVA – but it’s a great setup for guards who want court feel and response. Support is killer just like most Rose’s shoes. All the upper variants are durable and comfortable, so don’t worry about that.


This was THE staple shoe for bigger guys. Everything you need is in this package – support, impact protection and more.

Weight: 17 oz | Type: Mid Top

The HyperPosite has full-length Max Air cushioning and the upper is Fuse with FoamPosite.

If you’re a big man – just take these and don’t think about it. Traction is great, cushion is SUPER bouncy and has lots of impact protection. Support is plenty and they’re definitely comfortable, despite the rigid materials.


Under Armour wasn’t doing too well in 2012, but this shoe was a welcoming surprise. It is definitely not bad. In fact, it’s really good for its price.

Weight: 12 oz | Type: Mid Top

The MicroG torch has full-length MicroG cushioning and the upper is a durable synthetic.

You get a lot for 90 bucks. Traction is awesome, cushion is one of the bounciest and most fun to play in EVER, they’re comfortable, durable. Support is minimal, but this is a guard’s shoe and it did sacrifice support for that extra mobility and freedom of quick movements.

Try these out – I think you’ll fall in love with them just because of the addictive cushion setup.

Alright, that’s it for 2012’s best sneakers! I hope you found some of these useful and check out 2013’s best shoes, also a super strong year for releases!