Best Basketball Shoes 2013: A Year You MUST Check Out

This might be weird to see, but if you searched for best 2013’s shoes, you know that year had lots of superb performing shoes released, ones that are still worth getting and ones that beat some of today’s ones as well. So here are the best basketball shoes 2013 edition!

As always, I’ll show you six shoes that are all awesome from a tech, performance, comfort and material perspective.


NIKE KOBE 8 SYSTEM. This thing is considered the best Kobe shoe for a reason. All-around performance, sheer comfort and tech that still manages to compete with today’s standards.

Weight: 9.6 oz | Type: Low Top

The shoe has a full-length Lunarlon midsole for cushioning and the upper is Engineered Mesh with Fuse for durability.

Everything about it screams performance, seriously. The shoe emphasizes lightness and mobility, and it does feel SUPER light and mobile. Versatile cushion, awesome traction, support, an upper that should last quite long. Nothing to complain about, especially in 2013.


AIR JORDAN XX8. The XX9 is still lots of people’s favorite shoe, but the XX8 is also a great performer. It is FREAKING ugly but performs very well.

Weight: 13.5 oz | Type: High Top

The AJ XX8 has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas, FlightPlate and the upper is this weird synthetic with Fuse on high-wear areas.

Yeah, it does look like a goddamn work boot, but it’s far from that. Cushion, traction, support, the upper, the comfort are all solid and well-balanced. This is probably slightly catered towards bigger dudes, but I think guards would still enjoy these.


The Hyperdunks are always known to be these super versatile shoes that fit everybody. The 2013’s model shows that brilliantly. This is probably my favorite Hyperdunk to play in.

Weight: 12.2 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Hyperdunk 2013 has Lunarlon cushion in the heel and forefoot areas, FLYWIRE and the upper is Fuse.

Once again. Traction is awesome, even for outdoors, cushioning is solid for every playstyle, support is there, the upper is a personal preference, but it’s pretty damn good for Fuse.


Looks like a beast, performs like a beast.

Weight: 14.6 oz | Type: Mid Top

The LeBron 11 has full-length ZOOM AIR cushion, FLYWIRE and the upper is HyperPosite.

This one is definitely best for bigger and heavier players, but it’s flexible enough for lighter guards too. Cushion has crazy impact protection and bounce, traction is great, support is MONSTROUS considering all the features and the upper isn’t as stiff and uncomfortable as you think.


Another very awesome all-around performer.

Weight: 14 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Melo M9 has ZOOM AIR units in the heel and forefoot, FLYWIRE and the upper comes in two variants: nubuck or some pliable synthetic.

Regardless of the upper, they’re extremely comfortable, traction is great (though probably not durable enough for outdoors), cushion is super versatile and there’s plenty of support for every player’s needs.


The D Rose line really stepped up with the fourth installment. It’s not as revolutionary as today’s BOOST, but the 4 is still a great all-around performer.

Weight: 12 oz | Type: Mid Top

The D Rose 4 has adiPrene cushioning in the heel, an EVA midsole, SprintFrame and PureMotion. The upper is some strong and durable plasticy synthetic.

You’ll love these if you’re an explosive player. Amazing traction (and durable for outdoors), responsive cushion with plenty of court feel, killer support and they’re fairly comfortable. Probably nothing awesome compared to the Rose 6 or 7, but still great for the year.

Alright, best basketball shoes 2013 is done! There are lots of today’s shoes that are awesome but don’t hesitate to check these out. They’re not worse! Also, I’ve made a list of best 2012’s releases, another electric year for basketball shoes!