The Most Expensive Adidas Shoes Ever

When most people head out to buy a pair of sneakers, they don’t plan to spend a few hundred dollars for one pair. Within this price, one can expect to find some reliable, long-lasting pair of shoes that have a good fit. But some people value prestige over everything else. For these shoe geeks, collecting sneakers is like a hobby, and they often hunt down the most precious ones and are willing to pay outrageous prices.

While Nike may hold the top spot for some of the most expensive shoes of all time, Adidas doesn’t trail far behind. Offering unique colorways and highly sought-after collaborations, Adidas has built a repertoire in the sneaker industry, including tennis shoes, with the most coveted pairs as high priced as $10,000.

This article will talk about the most expensive Adidas shoes that have ever graced the market. 

1. NMD R1 Primeknit NYC “Red Apple”

This sneaker is one for the history books. Adidas only ever made 200 pairs of these sneakers for their new flagship store’s opening in New York City, back in 2016. Not only that, you could only get these if you were lucky enough to reserve a pair on the Adidas Confirmed app beforehand.

Featuring the iconic three stripes on an unapologetically red colorway, these extremely limited PKs can be yours for just $600, on average. However, keep in mind that actually finding a pair is the real hassle here.     

2. NMD R1 Primeknit Friends and Family

These sneakers were only made available to those behind the creation of the Nomad line of Adidas Originals. You can already tell that these are rare because they were never supposed to be even sold to the public. 

Regardless, these have made their way to the aftermarket, and you can find one for about $800 if you desire to own one. They are based on the OG NMD sneaker, with the only difference being that camo design featured on the upper.

3. Futurecraft 4D Ash Green

Adidas had initially planned on selling these sneakers through 3 retailers exclusively in NYC, Packer Shoes, Sneakernstuff, and KITH. But due to internal delays, these were instead made into a Friends and Family gift, and Adidas gave away 300 pairs for free at the event.

Featuring a black Primeknit upper and Ash Green colorway on the sole alongside the three stripes in charcoal grey, these sneakers quickly found themselves on the aftermarket. They go for around $820 nowadays.

4. NMD R1 Primeknit Friends and Family “Pitch Black”

Adidas made only 500 pairs of these sneakers. Adidas reserved 400 of those for Friends and Family while giving away the rest 100 to Snapchat contest winners. These shoes are so rare that they’re even labelled 1 through 500, constituting their chic.

The Pitch Blacks represent Adidas’ first attempt at creating a shoe with an entirely black Boost midsole, which further added to its exclusivity. That nobility factor has since worn off, and you can score these for around $1000 on the aftermarket. 

5. Pharell x NMD Human Race “Yellow”

The first-ever Human Race Nomads to be made in collaboration with Pharell Williams, these sneakers were an instant hit. Based on the R1 Primeknit silhouette, these sneakers feature an electrifying yellow colorway with the words “Human” and “Race” knitted boldly on either vamp in black. 

Thick yellow laces with grey accents inhabit the new side cage and provide a fit that’s both incredibly comfortable and stylish. Nowadays, you can find these legendary fits for $1,150 at the cheapest, with prices driving upwards of $7000 for the larger sizes.

adidas shoes.

6. Overkill x NMD R1 Firestarter

Perhaps the rarest inclusion on our list so far, the Overkill Firestarter was a collaborative effort between Overkill, a Berlin-based streetwear retailer, and Adidas. Only 300 pairs were ever manufactured, and those too were distributed within Friends and Family.

These sneakers feature a black and grey camo pattern on the Primeknit, representing ash, while the outsole represents fire with its bright orange color. The similarly colored tag on the heel adds to the fiery nature of the shoe even more.

The R1 Overkills can be found for around $1200 these days. That is much cheaper than they used to be since more pairs have made their way to the aftermarket now.

7. Pharell x NMD Human Race Friends and Family “Burgundy”

At number 3, we have another Pharell Williams collab, but this time with the brand Skateboard. As the name suggests, these rare fits never made it into retail and were exclusive to only Friends and Family.

The shoe features a similar design to the Yellow Human Race NMDs we took a look at earlier but this time in an entirely burgundy colorway. The words Friends and Family are even etched on the shoe itself in Japanese. 

These sneakers go for around $1700 currently, but that’s only if you can find one. 

8. Pharrell x Billionaire Boys Club x NMD Human Race Trail “Cotton Candy”

If Pharell Williams’ collaborative genius weren’t already enough, Adidas introduced a third party in the mix, BBC. Created by Nigo and Pharell Williams in 2003, BBC (or Billionaire Boys Club) is a streetwear brand that still leads the waves to this day.

The knit features a blue and pink design with a very muted greyish-blue blended in as well. Hence, the cotton candy name given its highly distinctive design. The words “Terre” (Earth in French) and “Cuerpo” (Body in Spanish) are embroidered on the vamp of both shoes taking the shoe to the next level.

The average price for these sneakers is $1900 presently.

9. Pharell x NMD Human Race YOU NERD

This is the crème de la crème of fueling hype. Adidas used these shoes to hype up the revival of another music group, NERD, who were back together after an almost seven-year break, ready to perform at a Complex Con in Long Beach. 

Created by long-time collaborator Pharell Williams, these sneakers were released solely to hype up said revival. You could only find these at the performance, and they were never rereleased. 

If you missed your chance to get one of these at Long Beach but still want a pair, $3000 is all it will take. 

10. Pharrell x NMD Human Race Trail x Chanel

Finally, we arrive at the magnum opus of fashion, style, and comfort. Pharrell Williams paired up with renowned fashion designer Chanel to develop an NMD Human Race Trail that redefined what an everyday sneaker could be, if you could call it that.   You can look great when stepping out to some casino fun at a great location found here a night out on the town. 

Released exclusively via a Chanel outlet in Collette (which soon closed its doors), only 500 pairs of these luxuries were made and auctioned off for a retail price of $1,160. 

If you want to score one today, it will run you at least $10,000 as these are arguably the most iconic shoes Adidas has ever made. 


Adidas has greatly influenced the modern footwear industry with its creative collaborations. At the forefront of the shoe game, their innovative nature has earned them a high place among sneakerheads today who’re willing to spend upwards of $10,000 to own the most expensive Adidas shoes of all time.