What Happens When Your Shoes Don’t Fit Properly?

Basketball shoes are meant to offer flexibility, agility, safety, and speed. Unfortunately, many players, especially beginners run into the wrong types of shoes that hinder their performance. Basketball is a physically demanding game. 

Apart from dribbling and shooting, you have to make rapid and fast turns to make your way through defenses. This means the safety of the ankles is a top priority as well. Therefore, before you end up making a wrong decision, let us share some essential points so that you know how basketball shoes fit. 

How Do You Know if Basketball Shoes Fit?

The first basketball shoe-fitting tip states that your feet should snug in your shoes. They should not be sliding around in the shoes. The fitting should be such that you are confident about the control and grip. Basketball shoes typically feature high-cut pieces that reach above the ankles, protecting them.

While a player makes rapid movements, jumps, and lands on the floor, the high-cut shoes are meant to absorb the impact instead of transferring them to the ankles. Lay-ups, jump shots and alley-oops all put quite a lot of strain on your ankles. Therefore, if your shoes do not fit properly, do not be surprised when you have pain in your ankles. 

Furthermore, there is no universal basketball shoe fit or standard when it comes to basketball shoes. It depends on the preferences and comfort level of the player. Some players have wide feet, while others have narrow feet. As a result, if you want your basketball shoes to fit correctly, choose the right type of basketball shoes. 

Lacing System

The lacing system plays an important role in basketball shot fit. Back in the day, laces were made from cotton but today synthetic materials are used. Plus, it is the lacing system that determines how your feet will fit into your basketball shoes. This means that the lacing system keeps your shoe in place rather than sliding around. As a result, your toes do not receive forward pressure while allowing the forefront to function properly. 

Broad Toe Box

The broad toe box prevents lateral compression or squeezing of your toes. If the basketball shoes happen to be either too narrow or shallow, it will put immense pressure on your shoes. In some cases, it might also discourage proper blood flow and circulation. This pressure can lead to blisters, ingrown toenails as well as bruised toenails. 

Thumb-space Clearance

According to the basketball shoe size guide, it is important that you only measure your shoe size by standing up. This way, your feet are stretched and elongated, which is otherwise not the case while sitting. Inspect and observe your thumb clearance. It should not be touching the front of the shoe as it will hurt during games. 

Make sure that your shoe size is according to the length of your longest foot. Plus, leave a bit of space for the thumb to breathe. Many players in the past have struggled with stability due to such minor problems. 

The Upper

There was a time when basketball shoes were made from leather. Although these shoes feature top-notch quality but there was a downside to them as well. Leather shoes did not offer much room to the feet for breathing. However, synthetic mesh basketball shoes are comparatively lightweight, durable, and feature advanced breathability features. And you can check out more shoe recommendations like these on pickmyboot.com.

If you are a big man, leather shoes might suit you perfectly since they come with a lot of ankle protection. Whereas, if you prefer speed, it is advised to opt for synthetic basketball shoes that are intended for the same. 

Outsole and Shock Attenuation

You might have noticed that basketball shoes mostly include flat soles. These soles are designed for optimum grip and traction, allowing the players to make rapid movements. As a result, the player feels more in control and power. 

Manufacturers like Nike and Adidas introduce newer outsoles almost every year that focus on improving grip and traction. Afterall, the outsoles can make a huge difference between winning and losing. The herringbone is the most popular outsole, tested and tried for splendid traction.

Do Basketball Shoes Run Big or Small?

Basketball shoes running big or small depends on the shoe you are targeting. While some basketball shoes cater to wide feet, others stay true to the size. Many people wonder what does “run big or small” mean? In the world of basketball, when someone says that the basketball shoes run large, it means you should go half a size smaller.

However, if they say that the shoes run small, then you should go for half a size larger. This is an important tip to consider, especially if you are shopping for basketball shoes online. Plus, if you are someone with wide feet, you need to be extra careful.

Some brands while selling basketball shoes online use standard sizing. This can confuse the buyer or player, ultimately ending up with the wrong shoe size and type. Therefore, check the reviews and feedback to get a detailed insight into the shoe. 

Are Basketball Shoes True to Size?

Yes, there are some basketball shoes that are true to size but that does not mean they will be a perfect fit for every type of player out there. Some basketball shoes are true to size but carry certain features that affect comfort fit. 

With that being said, a basketball shoe being true to size or not is not the point. It depends on the player’s feet and preferences. For instance, if the player has wide feet, the player should consider buying half a size larger than their true to size fit. Do not worry, it will offer a slight clearance and not make the fitting loose.

Do Nike Basketball Shoes Run Small?

Nike is one of the biggest and best manufacturers of basketball shoes. Although most shoes they manufacture run true to size but some signature shoes differ since they cater to athletes with unique bodies. However, some players are off the view that Nike basketball shoes sometimes feel small. 

At the same time, Nike shoes take time to break-in, allowing your feet to fit better with time. Keep in mind that due to basketball shoes being made of different materials, the sizing may differ for the same brand. It is often that most basketball shoes are the same size but some may have a larger toe box or different width. 

Final Word

The process of buying basketball shoes is not easy. Beginners often end up purchasing the wrong shoes due to not doing their homework and research. This is why it is important for you to consider the tips mentioned above so that you go straight for the perfect fitting basketball shoes. This saves time, effort, and especially money that is otherwise spent on trying, testing, and buying the wrong type of shoes.