Best Basketball Shoes 2014: Greatest Year’s Hits

I’ve covered best shoe lists from 2012 all the way to 2016 but the year 2014 seemed to be left out. Well, here we are. Another solid year for shoe releases and some of them are still killer for this year. Here are my picks for the best basketball shoes 2014.

Six shoes, all with a solid fit, great performance, tech and materials. Here are the best basketball shoes of 2014!




Of course. What other shoe could I put in here? Still one of best performance sneakers on the market, this one has it all. Versatility, balance, comfort.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 12.7 oz | Type: Mid Top

The AJ XX9 has ZOOM AIR cushion in the forefoot, a Phylon midsole, the Flight Web system for lockdown and the FlightPlate technology for those sick step transitions and true potential of ZOOM AIR. There’s also a Low version.  

So the key to a phenomenal shoe is all-around performance. And the XX9 does exactly that – cushion is solid with some impact protection and response, traction is awesome, support is killer and that Performance Woven upper is something to talk about. Soft, super comfortable and light, while still strategically supportive and durable. That combination is tough to achieve and this shoe does it extremely well. 

Soft, super comfortable and light, while still strategically supportive and durable. That combination is tough to achieve and this shoe does it extremely well. 




The legendary Kobe IX makes the list as my second favorite 2014’s shoe. Traction is this one’s selling point, which is incredible and beat most today’s shoes. And of course you get an awesome all-around sneaker with a great fit and upper.

Weight: 14.2 oz | Type: High Top

The Kobe 9 Elite has a full-length Lunarlon midsole for cushioning and the upper is Flyknit with Fuse overlays. There’s also a regular low version which might be better for some players.

A super versatile shoe (which isn’t normal to Kobe’s line) that offers balance, tech, comfort and CRAZY traction. And I mean crazy. It’s hard to find a shoe that grips the floor better than this one, even now. Combine that with responsive Lunarlon cushion, solid support, a premium Flyknit upper and you have yourself quite a package.

To those who don’t like super high tops should into the Elite Low version (it’s hard to find it these days).



Personally, the best older KD shoe that tops the 8th for me.  Balanced all-around performance, great price and all the latest tech of that year.

Weight: 12.3 oz | Type: Low Top

The KD 7 has a full-length EVA midsole along with a ZOOM AIR unit in the forefoot and a Max Zoom unit in the heel. The upper is mesh with HyperPosite.

Yet another balanced package that is my second favorite KD shoe, even right now. Traction – killer and durable for outdoors. Cushion – that EVA, ZOOM AIR & Max Zoom combo is truly the best tech you could get that year and it still feels awesome. It’s responsive and it offers impact protection.

Support is plenty for those who play in lows and the upper is a very nice blend of support, durability and comfort. They might look like a stiff shoe but they really are not.



A very surprising model that shined even before all the Curry shoe hype. Constructed to look and feel like an extension of one’s foot, I’d say it worked out really well.

Weight: 12 oz | Type: Mid Top

The G Spawn II has full-length MicroG cushion and the upper is Under Armour’s some type of synthetic similar to Fuse.

I don’t know how I didn’t come across this one earlier but now I can confidently say that this is the best non-Curry UA shoe to date. Traction, as long as you stay indoors, is awesome, that MicroG midsole is a total legend and to this day I prefer it over Charged. Support is plenty with all the features implemented, plus you get a truly perfect fit with lockdown and containment.

The upper is a synthetic but once you break them in, one of the most comfortable rides, period.



The first shoe with a good feel of BOOST. And it’s awesome. And you also get superb support, traction and a very durable upper.

My Rating: 7.5/10 | Weight: 13.96 oz | Type: Mid Top

The D Rose 5 has full-length BOOST cushion, a SprintWeb and ShockWeb construction upper and the Fit-Frame technology for medial support.

I’m a fan of the D Rose line and this one was really close to my heart. For the people who play aggressively, quickly, with explosiveness and athleticism, this is the shoe for you. Support is the key feature here and these will hold ANY movement, no matter the speed, angle or direction.

Plus you get solid traction and that BOOST midsole isn’t perfect since it’s one of the first models with it but it’s still great. Lastly, I didn’t really like the shoe’s super tight fit which never really broke in, so that would be my only drawback.



One of the most durable, supportive and stable shoes out there. These are not for everyone but a bigger/heavier player will love these for sure.

Weight: 16 oz | Type: Mid Top

The LeBron 12 has ZOOM AIR units in the heel and forefoot areas, Dynamic Flywire for lockdown and the upper is Mega Fuse with HyperPosite layers for one tank of a shoe.

This is tank. Right off the bat, I’d recommend these to a heavier, bigger guy for optimal performance. Traction is fine for everybody obviously but the amount of support, lockdown and containment they offer might not be tolerated by guards who can’t afford any restrictions.

And the cushion feels good, especially if you’re heavier. Then you’ll feel that impact protection you need.

Alright, that’s it for the list, I hope you picked the right one for your upcoming games!