Best Basketball Shoes For VOLLEYBALL

Today we are going to talk about the best basketball shoes for volleyball. Exactly. A lot of people actually prefer using basketball shoes instead of volleyball shoes. There are some reasons for it, mainly the cushioning and some other things. Basketball shoes use a different cushion setup, they have mostly better support and the selection is MILES bigger, so that’s why it became popular to use them instead.

Regardless, if you came to this article, you probably already know why you want basketball shoes for volleyball. So without further ado, let’s take a look at this shoe list.



Air Jordan XX9: Side

Considered one of the best basketball shoes EVER, this is your true all-in-one package. And that’s what you want for volleyball. The Jordan XX9 is a premium shoe designed with ALL players in mind, so in result you get a very well-balanced shoe that will fit all player styles, even in volleyball.

The Air Jordan XX9 has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the forefoot and FightPlate technology to truly maximixe the softness, impact protection and responsiveness of the shoe. In addition, you have the FlightWeb technology which is a layer under the upper for support, lockdown and containment. The thing that everyone praises the shoe with is comfort. This shoe is unbelievably comfortable, pleasant and sometimes you forget that you’re wearing shoes at all. Not the lightest option, but the performance definitely makes up for it.



D Rose 6 Boost: Side


The Rose 6 has improved massively from its last model and BOOST cushioning has never been better. Seriously, this is THE cushioning setup for basketball and volleyball. Jumping, quick bursts of speed, blocking is essential for volleyball and the cushioning inside the shoe is simply miles ahead from any other shoe. Yeah, I mean it. The amount of responsiveness you get is mind blowing. So if your playstyle requires good cushioning, go with the Rose 6.

On top of that the shoes are of course solid all around as well. You got StableFrame for great midsole support, a TPU heel counter for heel lockdown, a great snug fit and the ability to choose materials. If you’re looking to buy the shoe, go check out my article about material differences of the Rose 6 shoe first!



Crazy Light Boost 2015 Primeknit: Side

Another shoe with BOOST cushioning, altough it’s a little more sloppy compared to the Rose 6. That’s not this shoe’s strong point. The strong point is definitely its lightness and mobility, hence the name “Crazylight Boost”. It only weighs 335g. (11.82 oz). So lighter, smaller and quicker players will love these. If you can’t afford any restrictions for your feet, you need tons of freedom, mobility and lightness, then this is a great option. Definitely not a good choice for big players who prefer a lot of impact protection. Cushioning on the shoe is decent, just not awesome since it’s more focused on court feel instead of softness.

The Crazylight Boost 2015 has that crazy light Primeknit upper, which is yeah, knitted. It also has StableFrame for midsole support, a non-marking outsole and definitely a comfortable fit.



Clutchfit Drive 2: Side

One of the most underrated AND versatile shoes for pretty much any playstyle, including volleyball. Very similar to the Curry Two, which is also a great shoe. The Clutchfit Drive 2 really shines with its comfortable and supportive Clutchfit upper material. It’s not entirely Clutchfit, there’s also some Fuse for extra durability, so I think it’s an awesome, balanced setup. In my opinion Under Armour should have used Clutchfit more than Fuse, but who am I to judge.

For cushioning, you got Charged, which is UA’s newest technology. It is responsive and pretty firm, BUT the sockliner actually offers MicroG cushioning. That makes the setup very versatile, which is why my review of them is called “For Everyone”.



D Lillard 2.0 Static: Side


I’m gonna tell you this. The D Lillard 2.0 is easily one of the best basketball shoes EVER, preiod. Now we got four versions of the shoe with four different upper materials: jaquard, leather, Primeknit and ‘Static’. That’s really cool and generally every version, not even Static, is geat for volleyball. I chose to go with the Static one because you save a bit of weight and the upper is still very supportive since it doesn’t stretch.

The Lillard 2 has BOUNCE for its cushioning setup, which is awesome by the way. It also has SprintFrame for midsole support, TORSION SYSTEM for arch support and even damn Continental Rubber for grip & durability. That’s one hell of a package for $105. The reason why it isn’t my #1 choice for VOLLEYBALL is because I think the Jordan XX9 offers a bit more protection and comfort on them is amazing. Not that it isn’t great on this shoe though.


Hyperdunk 2014: Angled

Last on the list, we have an extremely popular shoe among basketball players AND volleyball players. If something is popular and very widely used, that has to mean that it’s good. And yes, it’s pretty good. The Hyperdunk 2014 by many is considered the best Hyperdunk shoe.

The shoe has a Fuse with mesh upper, so it’s a nice balance between support and mobility. Then you got Luralon for cushioning, which is definitely responsive and provides some impact protection. Again, one of the more versatile setups out there. Support is PLENTY. Heel counter, Dynamic FLYWIRE and a snug fit gives you a ton of support. This would fit a big player, but also a smaller one.

It does weigh quite a bit, people have been reporting forefoot containment issues and it’s not too comfortable. That’s why it’s not my #1 or #2 recommendation. Other than that, the shoe is fine. And sorry for not having a review for these. Oh well.


This is another most preferred basketball shoe for spikers, since this is designed for high performance (and it also looks great as a casual wear). It uses Charged cushion which effectively absorbs shock from the body and returns to it in the form of energy. This makes not only jumping to and changes of direction a bit easier but also “charged” with much-needed power.


The shoe’s style makes an easy and seamless transition (or crossover) from basketball to volleyball. The shoe’s materials make it lightweight yet supportive and durable. Its has the standard Phylon midsole with a bottom-loaded Zoom Air for a responsive cushioning, comfort and ultimate court feel. The upper is one of this shoe’s strongest points because of its good balance of support and flexibility.

If you don’t have ANY IDEA what all those technology names mean, go to my Shoe Tech page. It explains all you need to know in a very simple manner.

So here are my most recent choices for the best basketball shoes for volleyball. Hopefully you found it useful and hopefully I helped you make up your mind.