The Best Basketball Ankle Braces: My HAND Picked Models

A lot of people overlook something as useful as ankle braces. Yeah, they do have their negatives but we’re not here to talk about that. So whether you’re recovering from an ankle sprain but can’t afford missing games or you’re prone to ankle injuries, you can definitely consider this option. That’s why today I’ll be talking about the best basketball ankle braces.

I’ll show you four of my personal selections (including a special one) that I think do their respective jobs best. Here are the best basketball ankle braces!



You’ve probably seen this one coming. It’s recommended by dozens of others, Steph Curry wears it along with the Curry 3 and the product description is attractive. It’s not a 100% ankle roll preventing brace (none are) but I personally think it’s the most versatile, balanced, and sophisticated one out there.

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Price: $65 | Type: Rigid (Maximum Support)

The brace is made with a-Fit and i-Fit technologies for an anatomical fit. There’s the Exo-Grid technology which is a molded external structure for support, then there’s the Grip Tech surface to prevent slipping inside the brace. Rom-Tech is the brace’s curved design to mold to any foot shape and provide a full range of motion. Lastly, there’s the X-Strap stabilizer which locks in your ankle and provides all-around containment.

That’s a whole sh**load of tech names which usually ends up just as a marketing trick. This time, it really does live up to all that fuss. The brace could be considered as “rigid” type, meaning that it has minimum flexibility and maximum support.

But that’s why I like this brace the most. It doesn’t feel like a rigid piece of plastic on your ankle. It’s shaped reaaaaally nicely and the material I felt is the soft fabric one. This is as much support as you can get without compromising comfort or range of motion.



There’s a new kid in town. This isn’t really a true ankle brace, but nonetheless, it’s a fantastic piece of gear to really fight ankle sprains. This is the newest product on the market that’s starting to gain lots of attention and for a good reason.

My Rating: 9/10 | Price: $35 | Type: No Brace

The frame of the Roll Guard is made of flexible EVA rubber and the straps are from high-quality silicone.

This a unique design that doesn’t offer you a brace to wrap around your ankle. Instead, you put on this strap around just your foot and that rubber frame on the lateral side basically stops your ankle if tries to turn too much. That’s the whole premise and it actually works pretty well.

The main benefits of this one are you get complete freedom and mobility in the ankle area since there are no straps there. I’d say if you’re going for total maximum support, then the ZAMST one will still offer more structure. But if you really care about your ankle’s health and you’re thinking years forward, the ARMOR1 Roll Guard is a great choice.


A fairly innovative brace that has the design principles of athletic tape. Offers a lot of protection and support while maintaining fairly solid comfort and mobility.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $40 | Type: Rigid (Maximum Support)

The whole construction of the brace is lightweight polyester fabric.

What I liked about this the most are several things: the proper amount of support and containment, the lightness of the brace, and the ability to customize the laces to my liking without taking off the shoe. It molds those three things really nicely. I felt protected by the strong grip of the brace while still being really light and being able to customize the brace on the go.

It’s a bit tedious to put on because of its lengthy form factor and 9 lace loops. It’s also not as flexible or soft-feeling like the ZAMST A2-DX but once you break it in, it turns out to be a pretty comfortable fit. It’s also not left or right foot dependant – the same brace will fit both feet properly.


Probably the oldest release here but still very good, in my opinion. There’s a reason why Derrick Rose always wears it, why he wears his supportive Rose 7’s. Especially considering his crazy style of play. This brace offers a very lightweight, flexible and comfortable fit while providing moderate support and lock-in.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Price: $30 | Type: Balanced (Moderate Support)

The brace is made of strong, supportive fabric that has moisture wicking properties. It also has anti-slip friction zones in critical spots where you cannot afford slippage.

This is the softest, most forgiving brace out of the four. It has tons of flexibility and provides good mobility for the ankle. However, it still does its job making sure you get that solid support. It’s the least supportive one on this list but don’t get me wrong. You still get a solid amount of protection while getting a very comfortable experience that doesn’t interrupt your game.

Alright, that’s it for the list, I hope you found it helpful!

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