Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards: Picks to Dominate 2016

I created this list to help people find out what are the best basketball shoes for point guards. A specific type of player needs a specific type of shoe.

As usual, six shoes that have been released not long ago (2015-2016) will be featured.

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My Rating: 10/10 | Weight: 13.06 oz | Type: Low Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

adidas’s newest shoe is literally one of the best performance sneakers you can get right know and it’s cheap! Talking about competition.

The CLB 2016 has a full-length BOOST midsole, StableFrame for midfoot support, a Continental Rubber outsole and comes in two upper variants: Primeknit or jacquard.

Cushioning alone makes this shoe a no-brainer. BOOST is already lots of people’s most beloved cushioning system, but this setup is INCREDIBLE. Extremely comfortable, soft, bouncy, responsive, lots of impact protection, but also stable and doesn’t compromise speed. The rest is also awesome: traction (outdoors too), support, materials, comfort, everything is GOLDEN on this shoe. Seriously, I haven’t seen something like this for a long time know.



My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 16.3 oz | Type: Mid Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

Another adidas’s masterpiece, hands down the best version of the Rose 6, especially for a point guard.

The Rose 6 Primeknit has BOOST cushioning, StableFrame for midfoot support and a Primeknit upper.

Once again, BOOST makes a shoe truly shine. I simply love how it feels – comfy, bouncy, stable, responsive. And the thing is, they balanced it extremely well, so you’re not losing speed or responsiveness like you would on some other bouncy cushion shoes. Similarly to the CLB 2016, these are almost equally as good in all-around performance: traction, support, materials, comfort.


My Rating: 9.5/10 | Weight: 13.02 oz | Type: Low Top | Outdoor Ready: NO

One of the most respected shoes ever and for a good reason. These scream comfort and performance and point guards will love these.

The AJ XX9 Low has ZOOM AIR cushioning in the heel and Phylon in the forefoot. FlightPlate technology for better step transition and Flight Web for lockdown & containment. The upper is made of woven.

Now this is a setup that’s for a specific type of guard. The cushion setup is very responsive, but not as bouncy/soft as BOOST, so quicker and lighter players will love these the most. The heel ZOOM unit still provides impact protection, though. Traction, support, comfort and materials are all great. 


My Rating: 10/10 | Weight: 15 oz | Type: Mid Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

We’re back with adidas again. Another all-around beast and my former favorite shoe. You’ll love these for their versatility and balance.

The D Lillard 2 has BOUNCE cushioning, StableFrame for midfoot support, a Continental Rubber outsole and TORSION SYSTEM for arch support. The upper comes in multiple different variants, so check THIS out for explanations.

Cushioning on these really live up to the name BOUNCE. Super bouncy and comfortable, but also doesn’t sacrifice speed or responsiveness too much. A great setup for any type of point guard. Support is awesome, traction is great too and it’s outdoor-friendly. Comfort depends on what material you like since they come in different options.

5. NIKE KD 9

My Rating: 9.5/10 | Weight: 12.04 oz | Type: Low Top | Outdoor Ready: NO

Another new release that I didn’t have too many hopes on. I was wrong, it’s an awesome shoe that’s great for explosive/heavier point guards.

The KD 9 has an articulated ZOOM AIR setup for cushioning and the upper is Flyknit.

So like I said, explosive/heavier guards or slower, shooter-first guards will love these the most.The cushion setup is EXTREMELY comfortable, you can pretty much enjoy every step in these. However they do compromise responsiveness and court feel a bit more, so low-profile players should look above. Support, traction (not outdoor-friendly) and materials are very good.


My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 12.7 oz | Type: Low Top | Outdoor Ready: NO

Yeah, I do like the One more than the Two. The shoe is an awesome concept that’s comfortable, light and responsive.

The Curry One Low has Charged cushioning and the upper is AnaFoam (which is SICK).

The cushion setup is very responsive, but not the softest in the world. Great for lighter point guards. Traction is great as long as you stay indoors, support is fine and that AnaFoam upper is super comfortable AND pretty durable.



My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 11.9 oz | Type: Low Top | Outdoor Ready: NO

No wonder part of the shoe’s name is Crazylight. The adidas Crazylight shoe series is always doing a great job of making a shoe light, comfortable and responsive.

It has great traction, superb support for low-tops and a cushioning setup that gets the job done.

They feel extremely mobile thanks to the soft upper, so no movement will be restricted, yet it will still be supportive thanks to tech.



My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 13.5 oz | Type: Mid Top | Outdoor Ready: YES

If you’re looking for top-notch traction, court feel and stability – this is a no-brainer. Nike Kyrie 2 has the best traction I’ve seen so far. Any, harsh or soft, movement will be gripped tightly thanks to its killer traction pattern.

This is the shoe for grounded guards. That means the Kyrie 2 doesn’t have good cushioning. You can barely feel it. So for guards that are always low to the ground, pick these up. They’re very responsive, but not soft at all.

The shoe is also very durable and suitable for playing outdoors.



My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 14 oz | Type: Mid Top | Outdoor Ready: NO

The Curry Two features Under Armour’s newest cushioning – Charged. The upper is SpeedForm. It’s extremely soft, breathable and comfortable to wear during long matches. The shoe is really flexible with a smooth step transition. All those things make for an awesome experience.

Apart from that, they do have solid all-around performance, so it’s definitely a premium product.

No idea what all those tech names mean (Charged, BOOST…)? Then go to my article which explains them all in a simple manner.

Alright! Thanks for reading the list and I hope you found this helpful.