Best RATED Basketball Shoes: Most Seleted Picks 2016

So today I got something a bit unusual. Today we’ll talk about the best rated basketball shoes. Not the best picked by me (like always), but the overall best rated from everyone around the industry: users, players, reviewers and so on.

This could get you a good idea of what the main shoe industry leaders are. As usual, six shoes and only from 2015-2016. That’s just for the better.

Here are the best rated basketball shoes!


Now this is the main thing right here. Rated pretty much 4-5 everywhere at online stores, praised by most reviewers. Everyone seems to compare good shoes to the XX9 since it’s so good all-around.

The AJ XX9 is priced at $225. It has a ZOOM AIR unit in the forefoot and a Phylon midsole for cushioning. It also has the FlightPlate system which helps split the energy throughout the midsole. FlightWeb is for extra lockdown & support and lastly, the upper is a very soft, flexible woven.

The thing about the shoe is their all-around performance. It’s the complete package. Beastly traction, even for outdoors, amazing upper, plenty of support for every playstyle and solid cushioning.


This one is my favorite shoe right know (yes, I like it more than the XX9). It’s focused more for guards, but the Lillard 2 is also a very versatile shoe. All reviews are super positive (including mine), most users seem to be very pleased with them.

The shoe has BOUNCE cushioning, which is so awesome that it beats some adidas’s BOOST models. StableFrame for midfoot support, TORSION SYSTEM for arch support and a Continental Rubber outsole. The upper comes in many different variants, so check THIS out if you’re confused.

Another all-around beast. Super responsive cushion, great support with minimal restrictions, multiple upper choices, so it fits most people’s needs. Traction is great and it’s durable, so they’re great for outdoors too.


The ever-so-popular Curry 2 is another great choice among most people. It has plenty of great reviews, user feedback seems to be mostly positive from online stores and I actually like this one as well.

The Curry Two has Charged cushioning, a classic herringbone traction pattern, SpeedForm in some spots on the upper for some support and comfort. The upper itself is synthetics with that mentioned SpeedForm, which, well, synthetics too.

Traction is great, though not your best option for outdoors. Cushioning is awesome for low profile guards, support isn’t the best, but guards who can’t afford any restrictions or mobility problems will love these.


Another of my personal favorites, and for a reason. Guards seem to really love these, mainly thanks to that ridiculous cushion setup.

The Rose 6 has BOOST cushion, StableFrame for midfoot support and a NON-MARKING outsole. The upper once again comes in many different options, so check THIS out if you’re interested about that.

Cushioning is what makes this shoe stand out so much. It’s unbelievable good – ultra responsive, soft and has impact protection. Perfect balance between court feel and bounce and I think it’s the most successful BOOST implementation to a basketball shoe yet. Traction and support are also very solid. Good for outdoors too.


Now this is not my cup of tea, but it doesn’t seem to be that way for a lot of people. Really positive reviews overall and people seem to be very happy. A specific group of people though.

The Kyrie 2 has a ZOOM AIR unit in the heel for cushioning and the upper is mainly Fuse with mesh.

I don’t like these because the cushion is barely there. Zero impact protection, no softness, so people who need 100% court feel over bounce will like these. Traction is AMAZING though, even for outdoors and support seems to be fine as well.


This is surprisingly popular, since most ZOOM shoes like HyperFuse, HyperRev and stuff like that isn’t usually popular. But this one has really good feedback.

The HyperRev 2015 has ZOOM AIR units in the forefoot and heel for cushioning and FLYWIRE cables for lockdown.  The upper is mesh with Fuse reinforcements.

Once again, it’s been so well-known because of that killer all-around performance AND it’s for pretty much every playstyle, not just for guards. Cushioning is solid and has a nice balance, traction is awesome, even for outdoors and support isn’t the best, but it’s enough for a regular player.


OKAY! That’s it for this spotlight. Hopefully you have a good idea of why are these shoes are so talked about or praised by people. Of course, you can check out my seperate reviews of them to get a detailed understanding.

If you have no idea what all those tech names mean (BOOST, FLYWIRE etc.) then check THIS out.