The Best adidas Basketball Shoes: My Selected Picks

There have been some great releases by adidas lately. Ones that I rank as. So today we’ll be taking a look at the best adidas basketball shoes.

As usual, six shoes, all focused on good performance, comfort, tech and high quality materials. Here are the best adidas basketball shoes!

#1 Recommendation: D Lillard 2.0. I keep saying this in all my posts, but this shoe is the true complete package.

My Rating: 10/10 | Weight: 15 oz | Type: Mid Top
The Lillard 2 has BOUNCE cushion, SprintFrame for midfoot support and TORSION SYSTEM for arch support and an outsole made of Continental Rubber. The upper comes in many different options, so check THIS out for explanations.

This is simply a no-brainer. Traction is great and durable enough for outdoors. Cushioning is very well-balanced, so it’s really bouncy but you don’t loose too much responsiveness. Support is plenty thanks to great tech and they’re very comfortable, especially some upper variants.

#2 Recommendation: D Rose 6 Boost. Another all-around package that should not let down anyone. Especially in the cushion aspect.

My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 17 oz | Type: Mid Top

The D Rose 6 Boost has BOOST cushion, StableFrame for midfoot support and a NON-MARKING outsole. Just like the D Lillard 2.0, these have multiple upper variants, check THIS out for explanations.

For traction, it’s also very good both indoors and outdoors. For cushioning, it’s simply the best cushion setup I’ve ever played in. Not as much court feel as on the Lillard 2, but soooo comfortable and responsive. Support is once again plenty and not wobbly and some variants are extremely comfortable.


Crazylight Boost 2015. This shoe isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great choice for low profile guards. Extremely light and responsive.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 11.9 oz | Type: Low Top

The shoe has BOOST cushion in the heel and adiPrene+ in the forefoot. Then there’s StableFrame for support, NON-MARKING outsole and a Primeknit upper.

Traction is great, but NOT for outdoors. Cushion is awesome in the heel, but firm in the forefoot. Light and quick guards will love this setup, but people who need more bounce should choose something else. Support is fine, though that Primeknit upper won’t give you a sturdy fit. As long as you like this free and mobile setup, this is a great shoe.

D Rose 773 IV. This was pretty unexpected, but the shoe is a solid bang for your buck choice in all areas.

My Rating: 8.5/10 | Weight: 14.5 oz | Type: Mid Top

The Rose 773 IV has BOUNCE cushion and a NON-MARKING outsole for tech.

Traction is fine, mostly for indoors. Cushioning is not on par with the D Lillard 2.0 (even though it’s still BOUNCE), but it’s still very comfortable and way better than basic adiPrene+ or EVA setups. Support is solid too, since there’s not a lot of tech, it’s mostly coming from a proper fit. The upper is synthetic leather with mesh, so nothing premium. Not a mobile or restriction-free setup, so if it’s your preference, this is a solid choice.

Light ‘Em Up 2. A VERY cheap model that I had no idea that it was a good performer. If can’t spend over $100 on a hoop shoe, this is it.

My Rating: 9/10 | Weight: 13.8 oz | Type: Mid Top

The shoe has BOUNCE cushion and that’s LITERALLY it for the tech. The upper is engineered mesh.

Cushion is, again, not as amazing as on the Lillard 2’s, but still plenty. Support is decent, there were definitely some better options for support. Traction is actually really good, just not for outdoors since the pattern is very pliable. And they do fit comfortably, thanks to that soft mesh upper which is also breathable.

J Wall Primeknit Boost 2.0 (non-primeknit review). The improved All-Star edition of the J Wall 2 is a pretty solid overall shoe to play in, especially for guards.

My Rating: 6/10 | Weight: 14.3 oz | Type: Mid Top

The shoe has BOOST cushion in the heel and adiPrene+ in the forefoot. The upper is Primeknit.

For cushioning, this feels pretty much like the Crazylight Boost 2015. If you like that shoe, then this is the same. For support, once again, very similar. Fit is stable and comfortable, so support is too. Traction is fine as long as you stay outdoors. The oustole is IDENTICAL to the Crazyligth Boost 2015. If you like the mobility of Primeknit, I think it’s implemented here very very well.

Adidas Yeezy 500 Desert Rat

Controversial rapper and record producer Kanye West collaborated with Adidas to launch the Yeezy 500 Desert Rat late last 2017. After the first “Super Moon Yellow” colorway, it went on to launch about a couple more in 2018.

Despite being ridiculed as a “dad shoe,” the Yeezy 500 Desert Rat feels suprisingly comfortable when worn. That’s partly because of the adiPrene cushioning system (instead of the usual Boost) which produces an easy, comfortable ride. The combination of different materials on the upper sits on top of the chunky midsole. But trust us – the shoe feels light and snug, plus it has a great lockdown.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2

After Adidas Hoops and NBA star James Harden exploded the sneakers world with Adidas Harden Vol. 1, they followed it up with, what else, the Adidas Harden Vol 2. Unlike other Adidas releases, the upper of the Harden Vol. 2 is made of FORGEFIBER, Adidas’ own stitching technology that allows precise and enhanced lockdown and stability for a smooth ride.

The Harden Vol. 2 is fitted with the visible full-length Boost in the midsole for responsive cushioning and energy returns.

Adidas Ultra Boost

The Ultra Boost has been around since 2015 and up to now it still churns one release after another. In 2018 alone, the Ultra Boost has launched more than a handful of styles and colorways such as “Cream,” “OG,” “Multicolor,” “Clima,” “Shock Mint” and so on and so forth.

Appearances aside, what other things that make the Ultra Boost a classic? All Ultra Boosts feature a Primeknit upper. It sits on top of the midsole equipeped with the revolutionary Ultra Boost for the ultimately responsive cushioning.

Alright, that’s it for for this spotlight! I do wanna tell you that adidas doesn’t have too many shoes at all. These are the best right know.