What is the Best Basketball Shoe BRAND? My Personal Opinion

A lot of people would still say Nike is the ultimate leader in all footwear. But this has kinda changed over the last few years, as other brands started really breaking through and delivering some AWESOME models for affordable prices. So today we’ll be discussing what is the best basketball shoe brand. And if there is such a thing.

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Many of you should be able to benefit from this since I will talk about each of the popular brands that make hoop shoes and also recommend my favorite releases of each manufacturer. So…

What is the best basketball shoe brand?

The big 4 would be the answer.

That’s right. Right now, four main brands are literally going toe to toe with their models, and you can find soooo many awesome performers for EVERY player out there. Everyone probably has their own personal favorites of a specific brand but these four main ones are the kings in general.



You obviously knew this one coming, I couldn’t leave out the easily the biggest, most well-known and respected shoemaker that Nikey is. If you simply want to get a trusty, simple, most modern and fleshed out basketball shoe, you can safely choose from the hundreds of models they have at Nike.

The most signature shoes are there, as well as most budget options. HOWEVER, people are starting to see a little bit of a downfall of the brand. Not that many killer shoes have been released last year. On top of that, other brands have started to bring out models that perform better, also have the latest tech and come out with a better price.


I highly suggest you checking out my new list of the Best Nike Basketball Shoes of the Modern Era. This will give you a comprehensive list of the most recently released models (2015-2017) that perform the best out of all.

Well, all very well know that LeBron’s sneakers are amongst the most popular. What’s cool is a lot of his releases are actually really good in terms of performance on the court. If you’re a heavier, more explosive player, check my list of the Best LeBron Shoes of All Time!

Kevin Durant already has 10 shoes as well with Nike and here’s my list of the Best KD Shoes. Check it out if you’re a fan of him.

My PERSONAL favorite of all Nike’s lineup right now is the LeBron Soldier IX. I think you won’t have any questions why after you check out the review.


Not only this is the second most popular performance basketball shoe brand, it’s also a logo you’ll see on casual wearer’s footwear the most too. Jordan already released 31 models and each of them has dozens of different colors and editions to choose from.

That’s crazy for a casual wearer but for a basketball player, it’s a bit different. Pretty much all shoes up to somewhere around the 25th-26th are seriously outdated in terms of performance tech, materials, and just overall comfort while playing.

That’s why a smart buyer looks into the most recent releases for his performance needs. This is especially true for Air Jordan. If you think hooping in Retros is great, try out something new and you’ll feel a massive improvement.


I’m honestly not a huge Jordan wearer but I still tested and played in lots of them, so here’s a fairly recent list of the Best Air Jordan Basketball Shoes so far. If you like what they offer, you must check that list out.

Even though I mainly stick with other brands when I’m not testing shoes out, my favorite AJ is the XX9 Low. Those are CRAZY comfortable and just feel like nothing’s on your foot. Check those out if you like low tops.



You simply have to check out what adidas is offering the past three years. The brand hasn’t been popular in the shoe spectrum at all but their time has come and after the BOOST innovation, they have never let down.

There are way more signature shoes now, there more budget releases that are really good, and just awesome overall models that provide some of the best tech, materials and overall experiences in a shoe.

We don’t know how long this awesomeness of adidas will last but while it’s still there, I urge you to check out their lineup.



As always, when some time passes and lots of shoes get released, I try to make a comprehensive list of the best ones. This year, there have been so many ridiculously great shoes, it was challenging to pick out the six best. But here they are, the Best adidas Basketball Shoes So Far.

I also really love both D Lillard’s and D Rose’s lineup of signature sneakers. There are really affordable and great performing signature lines, which is not that common these days.

My favorite adidas sneaker is the Crazy Explosive Primeknit. Yep, it has EVERYTHING I need from a shoe for the way I play. Cushion, support, traction, comfort, mobility… It has it all.



The most underrated, overlooked and not credited enough brand for basketball shoes. Yes, they didn’t have much of a history back in the day, but neither did adidas, so there’s no reason to not give respect to a brand that has great product but it’s not as popular.

Stephen Curry put Under Armour back in the game with brilliant shoe releases and since then, UA is releasing more sick shoes that perform really well and don’t break the bank like Nike’s or Jordan’s stuff would.

Just because it doesn’t have a swoosh or a Jumpman on the side of the shoe, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad shoe.



Just like always, here’s my latest list of the Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes of the Modern Era. This should give you an idea how far Under Armour has gone with their shoes, not just Curry ones.

My favorite of Under Armour would be the Curry 3 Low at the moment. I love the Curry 2.5 for its versatility but the 3 Low kinda steps up in comfort and mobility.


Alright! So what is the best basketball shoe brand? If there was a direct answer, I’d tell you. But there isn’t and what I CAN give you is some advice on the main shoe brands and my personal recommendations from each of them.