My Picks for the Best Mid Top Basketball Shoes

Mid tops – literally the biggest basketball shoe selection there is. With so much variety, it’s difficult to choose the right one for some people. This is the reason for this article. I will provide you my own picks for the best mid top basketball shoes.

Like I always do, I’ll only include the most recent models . Old school’s are really hard to find, they’re expensive and their tech is outdated. If you want performance, forget anything someone told you – just look for newer shoes. Alright, so here are my five picks for the best mid top basketball shoes.


You’ve probably heard that name before, right? That’s because the shoe is actually considered THE best ever by some people. While I couldn’t really agree to that, it’s still awesome. And it’s my #1 recommendation. Simplicity, pure comfort and performance. All top-notch. The Air Jordan XXX tried to top that, but made some mistakes along the way.

Comfort/fit is I think the best any basketball shoe has ever had. You got a soft woven upper that’s super pleasant to the foot and also quite durable. Support isn’t its highlight, but other stuff compensates that.

Great and durable traction, I even think you could take these outside. Cushioning is awesome – ZOOM AIR unit in the heel area which has lots of impact protection. BUT, there’s also plenty of court feel, so the shoe is really well balanced.

Support is really good for a woven upper. That’s because of the proper one-on-one fit, TPU heel counter and the Flight Web technology.



 Now this is the big one for me personally. This is a guard’s shoe – so it doesn’t quite get my #1 recommendation since it’s not as versatile. But if you’re a guard – holy sh*t! Quite a shoe…

So you got a proper snug fit to start with (might want to go half a size up). There are actually four different material versions right now. Jaquard, leather, Primeknit and woven. So if you’re confused about that, check out my article explaining all that.

The traction pattern is made of Continental Rubber – so it’s CRAZY durable and outdoor capable. That’s the same stuff a car’s tire is made of. Then you got BOUNCE cushioning, which is really really comfortable and responsive. For a guard’s shoe, it’s not that firm – it’s more to the bouncier side.

Support is AWESOME – amazing fit, SprintFrame for mid section support and TORSION SYSTEM for arch support.

And the shoe costs a hundred dollars. This is a no-brainer for guards.



One of my favorite shoes right now, and for a good reason. One of the most versatile and all-in-one packages right now. And the Rose 7 is coming soon – it’ll be hard to top this.

Fit is super comfortable with one nitpick. The shoe is made for ankle brace wearers, so the ankle collar could feel a bit loose. Just like the Lillard 2, the shoe already has a few different material version. Here’s my article explaining them.

BOOST cushioning is easilty the highlight of the Rose 6. The most responsive and powerful cushion setup to date in my opinion. It’s advertised as “gives you movement energy”. And in this case – it truly does. Seriously, this stuff is awesome.

Support is solid thanks to StableFrame and a TPU heel counter. It will also depend on the upper. I think it’s a great choice for people who are REALLY picky with cushion setups.



Definitely a sleeper shoe that not a lot of people know or expect to be good. That’s not right – the HyperRev is one of the cheapest AND best performing shoes of 2018.

Fit is great because of all the padding inside and they fit true to size. The thing that’s the most annoying is putting them on. Yeah, that’s my only nitpick.

You got two unlocked ZOOM AIR units in the heel and forefoot for cushioning, which are awesome. It’s a guard focused setup, but I’m sure they would be good for a bigger player. A balanced setup with impact protection and responsiveness.

Traction is solid and it’s not sensitive to dust like a lot of shoes are these days. I think you could take them outdoors, but probably not for long.

Support does not come from the upper at all because it’s very soft and loose. But it comes from the TPU heel counter, wide outsole base and the strap on top. If you’re one of those who can’t afford any restrictions on movements – this is for you. Players that want more support should look elsewhere.



A very well-know signature shoe for a good reason. It’s definitely not a shoe for everyone, but for quick light guards, it’s pretty damn good.

The moment you step in the shoe – it feels really good. That super light, soft and loose upper made of Under Armour’s SpeedForm is awesome. It’s not that supportive, but other features make that up. Basically this is the shoe if you want minimal restrictions.

Cushioning is Charged, which is quite firm (so not on the softer side), but responsive. As it should be for a light guard. Then for support you got a TPU heel counter and the sole base is pretty wide, so there is some solid support.

This pretty much feels like a low top since the ankle collar is completely sock-like. The rest of the shoe is great and perfect for a light, quick guard.


If you have no idea what I mean by all those tech names (ZOOM AIR, BOOST…), then I have just the article for you!


The Air Jordan XXXII has become a classic sneaker is a short span of time because of its upper material, cushioning and outsole, as well as its silhouette – these elements were responsible for bringing the Jordan brand into the winning form again. The durable upper gives it a considerable structure, although some may find it a bit stiff. There are the Zoom Air units in the heel and forefoot a responsive cushioning, and the FlightSpeed plate disperses energy that your foot needs especially for those crucial moments on the hard court.

7.  NIKE PG2

Nike PG2 is an evolution of the PG1, and it’s better than the latter in many ways. The upper of the PG2 is similar to the PG2, constructed from the same light and durable materials. The Phylon cushion is still there, but it doesn’t feel as clunky and cumbersome as the Phylon in PG1. The traction is excellent, allowing for multi-directional moves on the floor, and it doesn’t pick up a lot of dust.


Some say that the Nike Kyrie 4 is the most well-rounded Kyrie yet. And there are a lot of reasons why. A combination of mesh and nylon on the upper provides a lightweight feel but also a considerable structure and durability. As for the outsole, the Nike Kyrie 4 has the multi-directional herringbone pattern which allows for a wide floor coverage, and it doesn’t tend to pick up a lot of dust.

However, the cushion is the standout feature. It has the Zoom Air unit in the heel, so if the impact tends to hit at your heels a lot, the Nike Kyrie 4 will be the shoe you need. Users are satisfied about this particular feature; many even say that it’s the most comfortable and most responsive cushioning they’ve ever experienced in a basketball shoe, just yet.

Okay, that’s it for now, I picked only five shoes. I’m sure you won’t even need that much.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!